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New Madrid County: Turnout low in county election

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

NEW MADRID - A battery-operated lantern sat within reach of the ballot-

counting machine as storms blew through New Madrid County Tuesday evening. But the only thing turbulent in Tuesday's election was the weather.

Low voter turnout - just 2,509 votes cast - made for a smooth election process, according to County Clerk Clement Cravens. As the weather passed over, Cravens and his staff had no problems tallying up the ballots from across the county.

Drawing the largest number of voters out was the Portageville School bond issue, which was approved by more than 73 percent. There were 545 yes votes for the issue which will fund improvements to the schools while 197 no votes were cast.

Superintendent Toni Hill, who watched as the votes were tabulated, was pleased by the support for the issue. "I'm very excited by the vote," Hill said. "I would like to thank the community for their support of the school."

Following reorganization of the board in a special meeting Thursday, approval will be sought for a performance contractor, she said. First on tap for the district, according to Hill, will be replacement of the Middle School roof followed by other roof work and the air-conditioning and heating systems improvements.

Other unofficial results provided by Craven's office showed the following election results:

Neither of the candidates for alderman were opposed in Canalou. Donald Cook tallied four votes for Ward 1 alderman and 14 votes were cast for Gary Deen in Ward 2.

Voters had three candidates to elect to serve on Catron's board of trustees. Declared candidates Carol M. Givens and Tommy Williams received 8 and 9 votes respectively. Write-in candidate Lee Boyd, who received two votes, was the other candidate elected.

In Gideon, there was a three-way race to serve as North Ward alderman with Tommy Goings taking a majority of the votes. There were 86 votes cast for Goings, followed by 39 votes for Eddy Moore and 19 votes cast for Jimmy Morlan. In the South Ward, Lawrence "Toby" Jordan was unopposed and received 65 votes.

Howardville had two declared candidates on the ballot and another listed as an official write- in. In Ward 1 for a two-year term voters cast 17 ballots for Tommie Fountain and for a one-year unexpired term elected Robert Young with 10 votes. Declared write-in candidate Albert Mead received 10 votes for Ward 2 alderman with two votes cast as write-ins for Earnestine Jackson.

Neither of the Lilbourn Board of Aldermen candidates faced opposition. Larry G. Jackson received 13 votes to serve as Ward 1 alderman and in Ward 2 there were 21 votes for Michael W. Roberts.

A race for South Ward Alderman in Marston was close with Bill Poley defeating Gerald Brock, 16 votes to 12. In the North Ward, Marston voters cast 38 ballots for Robert Clay Jr., who was unopposed.

Matthews voters approved a proposal to impose a one-cent city sales tax with 61 votes cast in favor of the proposal and 41 no votes cast. Jim Burch was unopposed for Ward 1 alderman and had 26 votes cast in his favor. In Ward 2, Ray Mills defeated his opponent Donald Spraggs by four votes with the final tally 40 for Mills to 36 for Spraggs.

Karen Williams, who stepped down as city collector, defeated Morehouse incumbent Mayor Pete Leija. Williams tallied 158 votes over 134 votes for Leija.

In a five-way race for the collector's post, Judy Gosnell-Greene far out-paced her opponents tallying 186 votes. The other votes were: Jackie W. Hays Sr., 61; Roxie Geiler, 19; Beth Massey, 13; and declared write-in candidate Chris Kirkham, 5.

In the only other race, Stan Harmon was chosen Ward 1 alderman with 114 votes over Beth Denning, who received 68 votes. Running unopposed in Morehouse, Angela Webb received 246 votes for municipal judge; Jackie Hays Jr., 264 votes for city marshal; and Darla Laminack, 92 votes to serve as Ward 2 alderman.

There will be some new faces serving on the New Madrid Board of Aldermen. Ward 1 incumbent Howard E. Crisler was defeated by newcomer Dale Hampton. Hampton had 71 votes over 49 votes for Crisler. In Ward 2, voters returned incumbent alderman Dwayne Stanley to office with 45 votes over opponents, Ann Lawrence, 37 votes, Chuck Morris, 17 votes and Kevin Lyons, 17 votes. Larry Tollison, who ran unopposed in his bid for election as Ward 3 alderman, received 58 votes. A proposal before voters to make the collector's position an appointed one was given narrow approval with 163 votes in favor compared to 151 opposed.

North Lilbourn residents elected three trustees. Running unopposed were John Richard Hughes, 12 votes; Leonard Thomas, 10 votes; and Barry M. Martin, 10 votes.

Parma residents approved a proposal to increase the tax rate on electric utilities serving the community casting 24 votes in favor of the issue compared to 17 no votes. None of the candidates were opposed on the ballot - Randall Ramsey, mayor, 36 votes; Oscar Sapp, Ward 1 alderman, 13 votes; and Simon Wofford Jr., Ward 2 alderman, 27 votes.

It was a tight race for mayor of Portageville with Albert E. Sisson II polled 274 votes to win the four-person race. Other candidates and their totals were: Denis McCrate, 268 votes; Lynn Doering, 128 votes; and Jay Sproat, 13 votes. In Ward 1, Butch Williams easily won the race for alderman, earning 212 votes over 66 votes for his opponent Vince Berry. Michele Crawford, who was unopposed, received 575 votes to serve as collector and also unopposed was Ervin Gremard, who had 343 votes to serve as Ward 1 alderman.

Neither candidate had opposition to serve on the Risco Board of Aldermen. Julian Miller, who received 46 votes, will serve in the East Ward, and Alta Rader, with 44 votes, will serve in the West Ward. In the portion of Sikeston which is situated in New Madrid County, Mike Bohannon was the top vote-getter with 44 votes to serve as councilman at large while 33 votes were cast for Matthew M. Tanner. In his bid for re-

election as Ward 4 councilman Michael K. Harris had four votes cast by Sikeston residents living in New Madrid County.

Tallapoosa residents elected Jack Clark with 21 votes to serve as North Ward alderman and Donna Roberts with 11 votes to serve as South Ward alderman. Neither candidate was opposed.


Gideon School District 37 patrons elected Larry D. Wiggs with 163 votes, and Jan Parker with 154 votes to serve on the School Board. Other votes went to: Louis R. Beck III, 42; Eric Johnson, 75; Tim Stanfield, 107; Heather Clenney, 12; and Rick Branch, 131.

Newcomer Jason Redden will join incumbent Harvey Graham on the New Madrid County R- 1 School Board. Graham led the vote with 478 followed by 438 votes cast for Redden. The late Randy Porter had 254 votes cast for him.

Jim McKay and Mike Kellams were re-elected to the Portageville School Board. There were 479 votes cast for Kellams and 415 cast for McKay. They defeated David Boyd, who received 378 votes.

In a packed field to serve on the Risco R-2 School Board, voters gave the nod to Doyle Hicks with 88 votes and Jeff White, 114 votes. Other totals were: Kenneth Carlisle, 81; Eddie W. Earnheart, 51; Ricky McCord, 76, and Robert Fowler, 22.

The votes among candidates in the Sikeston R-6 School District which is included in New Madrid County were Scott Crumpecker, 297 votes, Mary White-Ross, 104 votes, and Paul M. Boyd, 99 votes. In adding the votes to those in Scott County, winners were Boyd and White-Ross.