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Becoming one of 'those people'

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

My wife and I have become "those people." I never thought it would happen and I've fought it every step of the way but I realized Saturday that like most husband/wife struggles, I lost.

Many of you are probably thinking what is "those people." Well, you've all seen them. They treat their animals like children in about every step of the way. Well, that is my wife and I.

My wife was real subtle and calculated. First, a few years ago when we had just one dog, Kramer, she bought a devil's head for him and we just took pictures. Then last year, she bought him a Darth Vader costume and went to some neighbors houses for treats. I stayed at home not wanting to be thrown in with "those people."

Then a few months ago we got a second rat terrier, this time a girl, and my wife stepped up the plan even more. You see, Lizzy gets cold easily so she has spent the last month in a sweater or sweat shirt that my wife so conveniently had for her. I have to hide my face every time I see somebody drive by when I'm out walking the dog in her silly purple sweater.

As a matter of fact we were at a store the other night and my wife suggested a hot pink sweatshirt for Lizzy. Well, down came the foot. There is no way I'm going to dress our dog as a little Paris Hilton.

Not batting an eye, my wife just smiled and never said another word about it.

Little did I know I had already been had.

The realization hit home Saturday morning, when instead of staying at home watching college football, my wife drug me out to American Legion Park for Family Fun Day. In the process, she dressed Kramer and Lizzy up in Halloween costumes to compete in the pet costume contest. Yeah, that's right, a stupid costume contest. No longer was it in the privacy of our home but we were now dressing them up to go in public.

She really seemed to enjoy herself as she dressed Kramer in a baseball outfit and Lizzy as a vampire. The dogs seemed to be enjoying themselves as well, prancing around the house like the entire world was watching. And let me tell you, I was loving every second of it too. I rolled my eyes so many times my head still hurts.

When we arrived for the contest I realized that we were just one of many. There were dogs dressed as pimps, witches, pumpkins and in Harley-

Davidson attire. I was actually surprised at the number of dogs that entered.

Then the scary thing happened. As I saw one dog prance around after another I started thinking what to dress them up as next year so they win. Yep, I am officially part of the "those people" crowd.

Now I just have to find a cure and I need to find one quick. Either that or next year I'm going to have to find some little guns for my Kramer's cowboy costume or some pompoms for Lizzy's cheerleading outfit. Ugghhh!

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