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Speakout 12/13

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In response to "Say a Little Prayer." My mind is so full of questions. Why did she not belong to you? Please respond.

Thank you for your editorial on the significance of Dec. 7. I have an uncle who is sleeping with his shipmates on the floor of Pearl Harbor inside the Arizona. Don't give up the reminders.

I am looking for the gentleman who was at Tammy's Barbeque on December 2. He was driving a black truck with a For Sale sign on it. We are interested in his truck, but we can't find him, nor the truck. If anybody knows of him, or if he is reading this, please contact us at 380-0354. Thank you very much.

I found it very appalling to read your article entitled "Will a second chance make a difference." I must say I am glad that you were not chosen to render an opinion in my life in the circumstances mentioned in your article because I would probably be seeking legal action against you. Sounds like you were in consultation with these individuals for situations in their lives that were not or was their own making. Either way and I quote your comment "that they started life with nothing and will likely end life that way," was very upsetting. I wonder how many second, third or more times you have been given opportunities to be in the position you are in to speak such harshness about someone else's life in this manner. If I had the time I could comment much more in that article that was very offensive. Let me sum this up by saying I felt no sincerity, compassion or humility in what you had to say. You really gave them no hope at all. It was sad that lots were casted and you were the fortunate one to hear their stories. With much prayers for you. I hope you gave them a second chance, because I am giving you one.

I belong to a women's group in Sikeston and the Cape area. And we have come to the conclusion that men who cheat on their wives are low. But lower than that are the single women who have affairs with men who are married. To me, and to all of us and there is a consensus of several, they are the lowest of the low.

I would like to thank Super D Drugstore for keeping Christ in Christmas advertising. I take as much of my business there as I can. The Biblical scriptures of Jesus our Christ's birth that you are putting in your sale bill are a wonderful reminder of the real reason for our celebration, not only of this season, but for everyday. God bless you very much.

I was reading in SpeakOut the other day about the Mexican people. At least that proves one thing, the jobs they took from over here and moved to Mexico hasn't stopped them from moving over here. The people that moved down there to work, still come back here thinking they can do better.