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Speakout 1/12

Friday, January 12, 2007

A 20 to 40,000 surge in American military forces in Iraq. The political elite throw these statistics out like they don't even refer to real people, which each one of those 20 to 40,000 people are! Is this what the American people voted for in November? I don't think so. This just confirms the view that there is no difference between the main two political parties in the United States. Both parties should be renamed the elite party, committee one and committee two. Americans, wake up and send them both packing. A third party is the answer. Since both branches of the elite party have the intention of ruining the ordinary American citizen financially and have created a virtual police state, maybe we should try the Communist or Socialist party. At least you'd have health care with the intention of providing everybody with a job, instead of reducing you to sheer destitution and an early death.

I'd like to respond to a SpeakOut, Women cheat too. I've been thinking about calling, but I couldn't resist responding because I was married to the biggest tramp in the county. After she went through all the men here, she moved two counties away to start again. We are just an immoral society and we are destined for hell.

Mike, I read your article in Sunday's paper. It was a good article, but the way you explained it was like you were trying to put the blame on the Democrats for giving the Social Security to the Mexican people. The Democrats had nothing to do with it because they had no control over it. They would like to get back what was taken from the poor, elderly and handicapped. Don't blame the Democrats. You claim to be a Christian man but you don't get the whole truth. The truth is Bush has little sneaky ideas.

Please reread. I put the blame not on the Democrats. This is as much a Republican idea as it is anyone. It's wrong and we should voice our disapproval.

This is an employee of the Standard-Democrat and I would just like to say that any advertiser should be advertising in the TV guide. We took it out this past Sunday and every other call we've had today, which has been in the hundred's, not lying, in the hundred's, has been asking about their TV guide. So if I was an advertiser or had a store, I'd be advertising in the TV guide. Thank you so much for your time.