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Speakout 1/30

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is in reference to the speak out from Jan 23 that said a trip for Bush. They stated it was Gov. Blunt and Bush's fault that these jobs were going to Mexico. I was wondering if this caller was asleep when Ross Perot was talking about Bill Clinton, a democrat, and when they were running for president. Ross Perot said if you elect this guy you will hear a gushing sound of all the jobs going down to Mexico. You elected Clinton and guess what, it happened. That's when NAFTA started, and some republicans voted for it too. It didn't start with President Bush. Go back and look it up.

To the On the job babysitter in regards to your non-productive employee. It sounds like maybe your employee lost interest or felt unappreciated in regards to their position. I am sure this employee did not start out this way. It could possibly be the atmosphere. (By the way, since you are the boss it seems it would be your decision to allow this employee to leave early for non- emergent reasons.) If the head (boss) is a mess then the whole body of employees is! Bad company corrupts good character. So it might be a good idea to look at yourself. I will pray that you forgive from your heart. I suggest that you look at you and ask yourself have I ever had any of the characteristics that this employee exhibited. No one is without sin. Signed, Amazing Grace

Only one judge

Just A Criminal ? What has this world come to when people say that a 13-year old boy is not a baby. If it was your child, you would hate if people put your child down, it would kill you for people to talk about your child. I would like to know how it would make you feel if you were in this family's place? Would you want them saying stuff like that about your child or family, like you just have? Tell me how it would make you feel? You don't even know the whole story, maybe you should learn the whole story before you judge. That is why the world is the way it is. Everybody judges before they know all the facts. They just know what they have seen on TV, read in the paper and what they have heard. This world would be a lot better if people would learn the whole story before they judge. So before you start to judge someone on what you hear or what you have read, just think, it could be you or someone you love that is going through this mess. Would you want people to judge you? Just think before you put your two cents in please. Is that too hard to ask of the world, before you judge or write stuff about people. If God were to judge, as quick and as ignorant as you people do, then a lot more people would be going to hell. So just remember there is only one judge and that is God. God bless this family, the little boy and the family that lost a loved one.