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County leader has served public well

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Martin Priggle, the presiding commissioner of Scott County, will step down from his post the first of the year after serving the residents of Scott County with dedication, integrity, honesty and common sense. Though I don't intend to imply otherwise, those combined traits in an elected officials are not common. But then again, Martin Priggel is not a common man.

County Commissions are always balancing acts. With a limited amount of resources available, the Commission tries to weigh the needs of the vast areas of this county fairly and with an even hand. Don't ever imagine that this is a simple task.

But under Priggel's leadership, Scott County residents can take great pride in the accomplishments of this important elected body. The presiding commissioner has always considered the needs of our entire county and has treated all residents in a fair and equal basis.

But no one should be surprised that Priggel has done such an outstanding job. Long before county residents first elected him, Priggel had a wide reputation for integrity. His word was truly his bond. You may disagree with some decisions that have been made but you can't fault Priggel or the remaining commissioners for not weighing all of the alternatives and making the best decision. We can ask for nothing more from our elected officials.

Priggel has made an impact that will long outlive his tenure as presiding commissioner. His reputation remains in the same lofty position it was when he first stepped into the post. That can be said for very few elected officials.

On Dec. 28 starting at 10:30 a.m., the county will honor Priggel for his work on behalf of the county. It should be a fitting tribute to a man who has devoted countless hours to improve our county, to promote business and industry, and most important of all - to listen to county residents and share their concerns. That takes a special person and Martin Priggel is just that person.

Jamie Burger will step into some mighty big shoes come the first of the year as he takes over as presiding commissioner. We know that Burger will bring the same level of dedication to the post. But he'll have a tough act to follow.

Every single resident of this county owes Martin Priggel a debt of gratitude. He has worked tirelessly to improve Scott County and he never once sought the spotlight. He will slip quietly away and hopefully enjoy the benefits of less responsibility for the future of this county. Those who follow in his footsteps through the years would be wise to seek his counsel and advice.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen