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Speakout 3/15

Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is a response to the History lesson that was in the SpeakOut. First of all, we sold our own people to the slave owners. Why do we forget that? Second, slavery was abolished way before our generation. Racism will never die unless we as a people stop punishing people for what their ancestors have done. And who knows, your black ancestry may have been on the selling end of the slave trade. Maybe you should do some research on your bloodline before you jump to conclusions that the media has put in your head. Having said that, if it weren't for George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Dr. King, and all the other important figures that have created this country's rich history, it would not be what it is today. Enjoy what we have today and be grateful for all the men and women who left their mark on the greatest country on Earth.

I still say the federal government ought to take over the lottery. I went and bought $5 worth of lottery tickets yesterday, and there was people lined up. I know some of them couldn't afford a loaf of bread and they bought $20, $30, $40. I bet they bought up to $50 worth of lottery tickets. It just ain't right for them to give $370 million to one or two people. The federal government needs to step in. You can't even get your dollar back.

Someone needs to be watching the news. They said it wasn't on the news about Tiffany Sisson. They just weren't watching at the right time. It was on the news. So now apologize.

Everybody should come and sit in state court in Mississippi County on Wednesday mornings at 9 o'clock. It is so enlightening. For one thing, you can find out that there are different circumstances for everybody. For instance, if you are a premed student, you can get your DWI dropped. Everybody else goes to jail or pays a large fine. Come to find out, when you are premed and a honor student, the entire fine is dropped, the entire charge and you get wished good luck on your career. It was most enlightening to me and most of Mississippi County. I am all for putting people in jail and strict fines on DWI. What difference does it make if you are premed, prelaw or pre anything. Drunk driving is drunk driving. I guess if you're premed and you run over them you can get out and resuscitate or revive them. I don't know, you tell me.

In the SpeakOut column Totally an eyesore about Ables Rd., to the person who spoke out about that, you need to check records. Because I do have the facts. The property you are talking about that is totally an eyesore is not residential property, it is agricultural property. Check your facts. The last time I heard, agricultural property does not have the same restrictions and zoning as residential.

This is to the lady that came through Rodchesters' drive through this afternoon. I am employed there and I would just like to say the way you behaved was totally out of line. Any 2-year-old acts with more maturity than you did. For you to sit there and shout at my boss for trivial reasons was uncalled for. You negatively criticized her and her business without even knowing anything about them. She and her husband work their fingers to the bone to support their three young boys to give their customers the best dining experience available. Just a few days ago their business was robbed. The last thing these humble people deserve is people like you to sit there and give them disrespect. Even when she tried to give you back your money and your food for free, you threw her generosity back in her face. I hope one day you will actually open your eyes first and take a good look around you before you decide to open your mouth.