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Speakout 1/9

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

For the most part I like people and am nice to them. This pertains to house cleaners. I am a senior citizen, good mind, body weak. They come to my house and expect to sit. Ask them to do something, they act like they don't hear you and do what they want. Go to office and tell whoppers that aren't true. No one checks on them from office.

My phone number is 472-6307 and I know of an elderly lady who is getting ready to start housekeeping, and her daughter. They are going to need everything from a couch to chairs, anything they can get to start housekeeping. If anybody can help these two dear people, please call and respond. These people are in dire need.

Well I see the prices at the restaurant have gone up. Coffee has gone from 75 cents to $1. Several other things went up. Minimum wage wasn't going to effect any of that, that's what we were told. I knew better, I voted against it. Minimum wage always hurt me when it went up, that's the reason I worked harder to get above the minimum wage. That's what everybody else should do too. If you're working at minimum wage, you are probably a minimum employee.

I have a little special dog that I have had for eight or nine years. She's medium sized, has a little cocker spaniel in her. I've got to where I can't take care of her. She's gentle and she loves little children, as long as they don't get mean with her or anything. I've got to find a home for her, a home that somebody could be good to her. I would have to check it out. If anyone would be interested in helping this little dog, her name is Angel, call me at 472-6307. I've tried to find her a home because I can't take care of her anymore. She'd make a great pet for an older person or maybe a couple.

I have some mold on my back porch that is black. And I was just wondering if anybody knew how to take care of that, what to get it off with. Put it in SpeakOut where I can see it.

I'm taking classes at the Cape campus at SEMO and I live in Sikeston. I was wondering if it would be possible to make transportation arrangements with anyone else in town taking classes. If you can help, please call 471-6818 and leave a message.

I would like to find out if there are any caring dentists in the Sikeston area that accept military insurance. I have a daughter whose husband has deployed and she cannot find anybody to take her husband's insurance. She desperately needs some dental procedures. Her longtime family dentist does not want to treat her anymore because he does not want to take the military insurance. I think it is a shame that Medicaid recipients can get everything, anything, whatever they want. But a military wife cannot get treatment when she needs it.

What is Cole Shuttle Service and why are these vehicles parked at the Sikeston Apartment Center for the elderly and the disabled?