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Wrestling match was no small potatoes

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here's a little Christmas mirth that has nothing to do with Santa or elves or reindeer. It's all about mashed potatoes. And young ladies. And what happens when you combine the two.

Seems there's this bar in East St. Louis that decided it would be fun to invite a few young ladies, fill a kids' swimming pool with mashed potatoes and see what happens.

What developed was spud wrestling but these are not Olympic athletes nor even wrestlers. They were just young ladies playing to the crowd while tumbling around in mashed potatoes. Well, as luck would have it, clothing began to shed from the young ladies - who would have guessed? And the crowd yelled for more. So more shedding, more mashed potatoes and before long, much more of the young ladies was visible than when the event first started.

Now the club owner - like her mashed potatoes - is in hot water with the law. Who would have thought there was a law against semi-nude mashed potato wrestling in Illinois? Apparently there is.

The club faces a $1,000 fine. But the stunt generated a million dollars worth of publicity so I suspect the owners aren't especially upset.

The young wrestlers could also land in hot water, though that is unlikely. No mention was made in the news article on the fate of the mashed potatoes. So if by chance you're in the East St. Louis area this week and decide to stop at a diner for lunch, may I suggest you skip the mashed potatoes. I'll just leave it at that.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen