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Commission dealing with county drainage problems

Friday, October 13, 2006

CHARLESTON -- Drainage problems around Mississippi County were discussed during the regular County Commission meeting Thursday.

John Story said there are drainage problems at his farmland around Towasahgy State Historic Site including a washed-out culvert.

Story said after he cleaned out a ditch and increased the flow there "it just blew the pipe completely out of the road."

There is now a "crater" in the road where the pipe collapsed, according to Story. "You can't drive through there even on a four-wheeler," he said.

Commissioners agreed it will probably take a 36-inch pipe to handle the water flow now.

On one end of his farm, the water in the ditch is level with his field because the pipes there are too high to drain the ditch, Story said.

There are two 24-inch pipes there under the county road there, but instead of being side-by-side, they are stacked vertically.

Martin Lucas, commissioner, said one 30-inch steel pipe placed at the correct depth should drain that area adequately.

Commissioners also agreed to have the county remove a field entrance pipe that Story said he doesn't need anymore.

Lucas said there is a pipe under BB Highway that needs to be moved to improve drainage.

The county will send a letter to the Missouri Department of Transportation giving their permission to relocate a pipe under BB Highway south so it lines up with the ditch on the north side of County Road 532, commissioners agreed.

Lucas also agreed to check the slope on a ditch near Clay Shelby's land after being advised by Shelby of drainage problems there.

"Water is coming in so much faster than it ever used to," Lucas said. He added there was never a problem in that area when there was an old truss bridge there instead of a culvert.

Lucas said if drainage ditches can drain 4 inches of rain within 24 hours, the drainage system is working properly. "Anything more than that is a storm," he said.