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Speakout 10/13

Friday, October 13, 2006

In answer to SpeakOut's How can that be. 60 Minutes, years ago, did a story on Social Security, actually had a program to help people on Disability by employment. I do not understand what is going on with Social Security, but I am so glad that I don't pay taxes anymore. I know of three individuals that are healthy as I am. The only criteria that they have for Social Security Disability is that they don't want to work. I do reiterate, I am so glad that I don't pay taxes and earn big money anymore.

On a scale of ugliness and repulsiveness Libs and big mouth Democrats come out about equal to pervert Foley for anyone with one eye and half a brain. There is nothing more ugly, spiteful, hateful, and base as a smug lib who's just ripped the clothes off someone in public weaker than them their weak selves. They pump themselves up by ridiculing a pitiful retch who has already given up in disgrace. The Lib's ploy is to shame former constituents of a gay Congress Republican and those of us who claim a higher moral standard should be the nation's calling. So far as we know today Foley never physically acted out his fantasies with his objects of obsession, and never physically harmed these boys like Nancy Pelosi's constituents do in the San Francisco gay bars and bath houses, or like other Democrat heroes do on a daily basis. It's always the Lib Democrats who clamor for free access to all things perverse. Now they have exposed a pervert for making the mistake of not joining the perverted Democrat party. Libs are acting like a bunch of drunken Communist thugs rioting in the streets trying to commit political murder and mayhem. Foley fantasies about young boys, libs love that sort of thing as long as you vote for democrats. These outrageous hypocritical Democrat leaders would physically murder Hastert and all Republicans if they could just incite "the masses" into doing it as Alec Ballwin once intoned, that's their fantasy.

This is in reference to the speak out, Knead dough wear gloves. The pizza place isn't required to wear gloves because they do wash their hands and don't cook your food. But aren't you baking your pizzas? I should hope so and if you are, then what germs are going to survive 425 degree heat? You should think before you speak sometimes and if you have such a big problem with it, then ask them to wear gloves. I have seen them put on gloves in request of the customer.