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Speakout 1/15

Monday, January 15, 2007

Can someone explain what kind of idiot thinks it is okay to drive within 20-30 feet of an ambulance with their flasher lights on? Do they not know that in the state of Missouri you must remain behind at least one car length for every 10 mile per hour of speed? If you do not trust the ambulance crew to take care of your loved ones, don't even call for an ambulance. When you drive this close to the ambulance you are putting your loved one and two other people at risk of an accident. What happens when someone stops in front of them, or pulls out in front of them or a deer runs in front of them? Can someone explain from the Missouri driving manual or your car's manual exactly what their flasher lights are for? Please stay back 500 feet.

How can a jail allow visitors without verifying who they are first? I thought it was supposed to be immediate family members only. Someone can go in and write down they are a sister when they are only the mistress and get visitation. What's up law officials? Why aren't you doing background checks to see that they aren't immediate family?

Hello, this is in reply to Accepting military insurance. It is sad that the state of Missouri does not accept most insurances, especially the military insurance, but I also think Medicaid, which I am on MC+ right now, the dentists don't accept that at all. You cannot get everything you want on Medicaid because the state of Missouri does not accept it. As a matter of fact, you cannot even get a wheelchair on Medicaid. You cannot get disabled parts. You cannot get a C-pack machine and I have sleep apnea. The problem is the state of Missouri has really poor health care. If you want to complain, complain to your state.

I saw the comment on accepting military insurance. The person commented I think it's a shame that Medicaid recipients can get anything whenever they want. I mean to tell you something: you need to study things before you open your mouth. I have three foster children, several adopted children from the foster system, they are on Medicaid and we cannot get dental done anywhere. No one will accept foster kids with a Medicaid card. So before you start running your mouth about things, you better check into it. And I agree the military wife should be able to get treatment, but if the doctors don't accept their cards, there's not a darn thing we can do except beg.

Please help God's special people. There is a store in Sikeston that is there to help God's special people. If you have anything you don't need, donate it to the store and help these people. If you would like to know what they do with the money they make, look at the list in the breezeway. I am not associated with this store. I just think we should appreciate what they do for these workers and God will bless you.