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Speakout 9/15

Friday, September 15, 2006

I was watching CNN and this guy was talking to this Republican Congress and I think he said he was George and he was worried that the Democrats would take over and impeach Bush. So I guess he let it slip out that Bush needed to be impeached.

How stupid do the politicians think these voters are? We know the price of gas has dropped because there is just a few months to election and these politicians like Jim Talent and others that have a lot of buddies in these big oil companies are still wanting to get back in office. JoAnn Emerson voted against the raise in minimum wages. They say it would make a hardship on some of the fast food restaurants. Don't know they know the more money you earn, the more you will spend? I thought there was a term limit. It is time for some of these to be put out of office and get some in with some common sense. The whole country would be better off.

The Republicans keep hollering that the Democrats want to raise taxes and spend. Well have you stopped and checked what the deficit is since Bush got in? It's nine trillion dollars. He might not be raising taxes for the rich. All these jobs he's hollering about are jobs he put in for government jobs. All we got is minimum wage jobs and Republicans do not want minimum wage to go up. They want to keep at $5.15. We can't afford this war and we need to get our boys home. If you are over there and kill somebody by accident, you are going to be up for murder anyway.

I read an article in the paper where some people are wanting to make riding ATV's on county roads legal. The state of Missouri has a seat belt and child restraint law in effect now, but some ignore it and let their children run loose inside the car or Jeep which ever be the case. We already have so many golf carts riding on streets I thought Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail came threw East Prairie. Do these people have insurance on these vehicles to operate on city streets?

This is in regards of the terrible wreck that happened between Matthews and Canalou late Saturday night. It is still unknown who found the wreck and called 911, we have been told of an unknown black couple that may have found them and made the call and we wanted to let them know we are forever grateful, for they may be the reason their lives were saved in time. We would also like to thank every rescuer that helped with the accident that pulled out our loved ones. We are not sure who everyone is that was there, but you know who your are. But your all angels to us. Thank you from the family.

In 1998, an area supermarket put up a sign that a major remodeling was coming "soon." That sign fell down after the termites ate the wooden posts. Then the supermarket put up another big sign announcing that major improvements were coming "soon." That sign is now leaning and will "soon" fall down. I would like to know how the folks at this supermarket define the word "soon?"