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Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016

Speakout 12/28

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Call 471-6636

This is to the many of you who will be sitting alone at Christmas wondering where your kids and grandkids are. Maybe it's because you never took the time all year long to visit with them and be a part of their family. Maybe it's because that one Christmas when your granddaughters had their shoes off and they were playing on the bed, sitting on the bed with their dolls, not bouncing, just sitting and playing like good little girls on the bed, you told them to get off the bed. Maybe it's because the kids were playing with a game over in the corner nice and quietly and the doorbell rang and you made them pick it up because you didn't want anyone to see your house in a mess. Remember, no toys, no place for them to go. Maybe it's the time you told one child when they were older to come back the next day to have dinner and didn't invite the other ones who were sitting at the table to come back who were about the same age. Maybe it's because you made a lot of difference in them. You never made them feel special. Maybe it's because you live in the same town with them and you never came to their house to see their tree or their room. Or maybe it's that time they fixed cookies and asked you to come and you had a headache. But we went to town later and guess who we saw out and about? Think about Christmas all year long. Don't just think of others at Christmas. Give of yourself all year long and you will get back love. Merry Christmas. Think about these things.

This is concerning a pharmacy and their automated answering machines for refills. Would they please fix their machine? When it comes on it asks for a telephone number and then it comes up and says that's the wrong prescription number. It really makes it an aggravation trying to get your prescription refilled. Please fix your answering machine for refills.

This is in regards to Sunday Dec. 18 SpeakOut. Someone called and stated that they were a neutral fan and was disappointed with the Bleacher Bums' attitude toward Sikeston and Charleston's basketball game. I'm not a neutral fan, I'm all for Sikeston. But if this person would have paid attention across the court, Charleston had no better attitude than us. Both teams had attitudes. Were you one of them that also got caught in the mob to just get into the game? My children and I waited in the mob of people in cold weather for 30 minutes to get in. Were you there then to witness Charleston's behavior and foul language to the man who kept us locked out? And honestly the attitude that night wasn't as bad as your judgment claimed. Did you happen to see the Notre Dame game and how the Bums attitude was even to the point of chanting about the soccer championship? Of course, which had nothing to do with the game going on at that time. Check yourself people. If you're so unhappy with our attitudes or bad spirit and feel Charleston didn't do the same, then you need to move over there and fully root for them and not be neutral. I'm an '88 graduate from here, my mother graduated in '71. She stated Charleston and us have been rivals since then. In her time Charleston vandalized Sikeston's Fieldhouse windows and goal posts. It will continue to go on.

I thank God for good people left in the world. The other night I was at the store and I was pinching pennies. There was a real nice lady behind me that gave me $2 to help me out, which was a blessing in disguise. I just want to thank her. She wouldn't let me get her name or her phone number. I just want to tell her thank you so much and God bless her and take care. It's nice to know that there are still some good people like this left in the world. So thank you very much.