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Speakout 12/4

Monday, December 4, 2006

Thanks to the city of Sikeston for the new sidewalk on North Kingshighway, near Kirby's. It makes the downtown so much nicer. Thank you.

I was very interested in reading the report on Oran from the Cape newspaper on Monday's paper. You know what, maybe we need to get a scanner and listen to what is really happening in Oran. It is a peaceful town normally, yes it is. But we've had shootings, we've had wives being beat up, we've had domestic abuse, we've had drug abuse, we've had all kinds of things going on since the police force left. Sheriff Walter says there is nothing going on, but it has been going on. There's been robberies and all these kinds of things. Put your scanners on and listen before you believe these news reports Southeast Missouri.

Mike Jensen has just set a record for writing the most editorials in which readers respond with outrage and disgust. Four hundred fifteen thousand three hundred and twelve. Congratulations, Mike.

Michael, you really don't have to go out of town for fillers for your Scene magazine in the Sunday paper. You will find one of those wild lamps from a Christmas story on North Ranney. It's a scream.

If the people really cared, or were informed, about government they would be watching Congress right now with amazement and disgust. The Republican leaders have cut their workload to the lightest in the last 50 years, with a little less than two workdays per week. They have been unable to pass even the constitutionally required appropriation bills this year. Now they have a real problem. Their unmatched liberal spending is about to end and they are in a panic. The Democrats in the Senate have said there will be no appropriations bill this year unless the Republicans take the 12,000 earmarks out of the Omnibus spending bill. These earmarks are when they spend your money to study things like animal manure and build bridges to nowhere. The Republicans are frantic. If their conservative supporters knew the truth, or cared, the big lie would be so much harder to sell. But don't worry, there will probably be soon a compromise and the jolly spending will continue so everybody will love their Congressman and Senator.