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Speakout 1/2

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I just got home from vacation and I read my paper and I always read SpeakOut. I read all the bleeding hearts about the cheating partners and the cheating husbands and the girlfriends. Well let me tell you, first of all the girlfriend wasn't wearing his ring, he was and you were. And let me tell you how to put a stop to it, just like I did my daughter and ex-husband. When I found out about it, I went to Cape and hired me a brilliant lawyer and I took half. He's going to pay me for the rest of my natural born life, because I'm not going to get remarried. I will still have the house, I will still have the vehicles. And oh yes, honey, I'm gonna take the cruise. And I'm the one that takes the vacation. And his girlfriend, hmm.. He don't have her anymore either. She got tired of his griping about him losing half. Honey, go to a lawyer, get your divorce, don't get remarried. Because we all know how it really is. When he's out cheating, you're at home looking out the back door. He's paying for my vacation. He's paying for my boy toy. So shut up sister, or put up. It's that simple. So you have a nice day and get smart or stay stupid. Stay with the man you weren't supposed to be with anyway or guess what? He wouldn't have been out cheating. Or then again, you wouldn't have all your money, your nice vehicles, your furs or your boy toy. He's a good lawyer, you ought to try it.

This message goes out to the woman who is so full of advice to the woman whose husband is cheating. First of all, not the man for you. Yes, we should put our faith in the one man who will not let us down, the man upstairs. However, the Bible also teaches forgiveness and compassion. You have no idea what this woman has tied up in this man, both emotionally and otherwise. Give her a break. Secondly, it just happens. Wait until it just happens to you. You said if a man is seeking out another woman the wife is evidently not doing her job. Let me just set you straight, the wife shouldn't be hired to do a job when she signs a marriage license. Marriage is about companionship and love, not simply sex. The truth is, every reader can see that you are the trash that has helped to wreck marriages. You are justifying it with your comment that is obvious as to print on this page. As for the cheating husband, absolutely he's scum for hurting his wife and family, it does take two. The difference between you and the cheating man, someone loved the cheating man, married him, gave her life to him. You, well, wasn't in the picture for you was it? You're the snake that tempted Eve. Get a life.