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Speakout 2/1

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I'm calling about Bush sending more of our boys over to Iraq. I think they need to send him over there and let him fight for awhile. All he wants to do is send our boys over there and get them killed. We need our boys here at home with their family and everything. So just send Bush over there and see how he likes fighting for awhile.

I'm making this speak out in reference to the Standard-Democrat Jan. 24th edition with the Scott County Central fans. I mean, let's be honest. Scott County Central you did a nice job in the 80s and the early, early 90s. You can't even begin to accomplish what Charleston has accomplished. We're still going to state this year, and we will make the fifth straight trip to Columbia. You guys have not made it to Columbia since 1993. So that's over a decade. Let's not get started about the best program in Southeast Missouri. I've told you all before, Charleston will always, always be the best program in Southeast Missouri. For one, they play in the tough Semo conference. For two, they play anybody, anywhere. You look at our schedule. There ain't no one around, 3,4 or 5A that plays the schedule Charleston plays. Charleston is basketball gods.

I would like to know what a person would have to do to get a good route around here. My daughter rides in a cab all the time to work in a cab around here. This one particular guy keeps trying to talk to my daughter. I don't understand what do I have to do. Should I call the manager or what? It's all the time. My daughter is nothing but 17? Am I not saying it right, putting me in the position that I am? I don't need people transferring my daughter around when they want something. My daughter comes home and tells me this every time she rides in a cab, this guy keeps trying to talk to her. Guys, people just want a ride, they don't want to talk to no cabdriver. Ain't nothing wrong with talking to a cabdriver. But leave my daughter alone.

Taking down Christmas decorations outside in this cold weather can be dangerous. That may be why you are still seeing Christmas decorations, whoever you are complaining about them. As far as Christmas decorations being a personal choice, my Christmas tree is still up and I'll take it down when I'm ready. I didn't have time to enjoy my tree at Christmas time I was so busy. So if I chose to enjoy it now at night having it lit up, why not? You celebrate Christmas as long as Christmas lives in your heart. When you are ready to move on, you move on. In the first place, cold weather can keep you from climbing on the roof and taking down decorations. Just don't look at the and drive on by.

Hello Mike. Highway 77 just south of the Kelly School is starting to slough off on the left and the right into a large ditch. When Highway 77 gets so narrow that it becomes one lane, will it be northbound or southbound?