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Speakout 11/3

Friday, November 3, 2006

Call 471-6636

I live in the beautiful community of Chaffee, Mo. My senior in high school just came from school and told me a classmate just got his fourth DUI. Something is not right with our judicial system that this child is allowed to continually drink and drive and to pay for an attorney to get him off. Isn't four times for an adult jail time? Three of his DUIs were when he was a juvenile. When is it not enough, when he takes someone's life?

I was just wondering why when you call yourself a newspaper that includes Stoddard County, does a 34-year-old young man get killed in a work related accident on Oct. 9 from Dexter when he fell off a grain bin, why was there not a news story on this? You are supposed to cover Stoddard County so why was that not listed? That would have been a good story to run.

I would like to speak out about the state schools closing. I would like to know why the governor is not doing his surveys down in the southern areas of Missouri, they have only been done up north. And I would also like to know how Sikeston is going to handle the severely disabled children that attend New Dawn State School?

Your sudoku puzzles are impossible to solve without a pencil and eraser.

To the smoker who says I shouldn't vote on the cigarette tax if I don't smoke. I will not vote on this tax if you will vote for a tax to bury smokers before they have had a chance to pay all the Social Security they should have.

I agree with the caller who said MoDOT should repave Highway 114. It is in bad shape. I think they should at least let us know if it is on the list and when we can expect it.

This is to the person complaining about the cigarette tax they want to pass. They already are picking on overweight people. When are you going to learn that these people, these politicians, these doctors have nothing else better to do with their time or our money, than to try and find ways of brainwashing us and manipulating us into their way of thinking? That's all this is. The government wants everyone to act a certain way, to think a certain way and to look a certain way. Now, if you ask me, that's none of their business what we look like, what we think or how we act. As long as we're not hurting anyone in the process. I mean if you're in your own home, why should they care if you smoke? Used to be you could smoke outside and it wouldn't hurt anyone. Now people have it in their heads that us smokers are trespassing on their rights. What about our rights as smokers? Honestly, it's not someone's health that is raising insurance, it's greed. That is a sin. It's more of a sin to be greedy than it is to enjoy life's simple pleasures. This country will be a dictating country before too much longer, just like Russia was. Just wait and see.

There is a new neighbor in our neighborhood. We all woke up one morning and walked outside to see their pale yellow house painted a bright, yet dark blue color. It looks like someone seriously took cans of paint and painted their house. All of us neighbors have discussed this and how hideous it looks. It's making our property value go down everyday it's blue. Is there anything legal we can do about this color of this house? Can we take them to court and force them to paint it a different color? We hate having to be like this, but they are being like this and making us have to deal with their bad taste of color. Not to mention our property value has gone down big time and none of our kid's friend's parents will let them come over here anymore. I mean, who in their right mind paints their house that color? Especially when they first move into a neighborhood!

Someone said in SpeakOut you could get your tooth pulled for $32. I just had one pulled out and it cost $623. That included X-rays and consultation. I understand the X-rays, but anyone can see when a tooth is broken. Consultation is a lot of bull. It isn't necessary.