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Speakout 11/6

Monday, November 6, 2006

Last Sunday's paper in the Parade section, had the silver coin, pay $2.95 for shipping and that's all you pay. It's a scam. I've ended up with a $300 bill on my credit card that I did not authorize. I am fighting with them now. I just wanted to warn people that it's not what it seems. I'm pretty upset over it. Be careful.

We are contacting Parade magazine and will inform them.

Ghandi said that a society is judged by the way it treats its animals. Mississippi County needs this quote framed and hung in their courthouse for the commissioners and public to read. So does Scott, New Madrid, etc. Shooting animals in the head (if they're lucky) will not solve the problem. Their owners need to be shot in their pockets instead. I won't rant and rave on this subject as I easily could do.

I live on Marian Avenue on the east side of Sikeston and every time it rains our street floods. I think part of the problem is all the leaves in the gutters on both sides of the street. I was wondering about the street cleaner that comes through and cleans the streets after the parade and stuff. Why don't we use these on regular streets through town so these streets don't flood? It would be a big help. Who do we call to ask about this?

I'm calling about the dentists in our area. I want to know if you don't have a Medicaid card and you don't have insurance, why is there not any dentists that won't even set up a payment plan for you? I have had a toothache for three days now and cannot find a dentist to help me because I do not have insurance or they do not accept medical cards, which I do not have.

Why does the VFW want to relocate in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood of retired seniors and working people to a dead end street with their delivery trucks, bingo trash and weekend drunks?

We contacted VFW officials. The property was offered to them approximately four months ago and that was when it was purchased. Intentions were to build there because parking was limited. Also, being located behind the VFW Ballpark, it would be easier to explain to out of town visitors where the VFW was located.

I was wondering why they have to raise taxes for schools if the lottery money was supposed to be going to the schools? Where is all the money going from the lottery?

In your Monday, Oct. 30 edition, St. Louis the most dangerous U.S. city. Compared to population, maybe so. Compared to baseball games, they're the lowest. Nobody burnt their vehicle, nothing got vandalized, nobody got shot during the World Series. We saved Detroit millions of dollars in damages. Every time they celebrate they tear up their city. The mayor of Detroit should send the mayor of St. Louis a thank you card.

I have a question about a business on Northwest Street. It's called Didit. Wondered what kind of business it was? Just curious.

It's a corporate office and warehouse space for retail furniture, electronics and appliances. Nothing is sold from this location to the public.