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The 'D' in Double D Supply Co. could stand for diversification

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Double D Supply Co.'s new location
SIKESTON - Walking under the bright red roof porch and into Double D Supply Company leads not to one business or even two but to four companies owned or operated by David and Doris Eftink.

The Eftinks, through their company Eftink Enterprises Inc., are exclusive dealers for the Clim Air 50, a new hay dryer system; the authorized distributor in the Midwest for Traeger Wood Pellet Grills; a regional warehouse and distribution center for A&I Products; and part owners for the international warehouse of Juniors Construction Parts.

It was a diversification that began when the couple owned Double D Tractor Parts, a business now operating under new ownership.

Mrs. Eftink said they agreed to sell their tractor and combine parts business because they saw new ownership expanding the salvage business. "The buyers could bring in more inventory and make it available for customers. We saw it as an opportunity for farmers to get the parts they need locally," she said.

For the Eftinks it was an opportunity to expand their other business interests, she added.

Doris Eftink stands with one of the Traeger Wood Pellet Grills available at Double D Supply Co.
That expansion began with the construction of a new building. In July, the Eftinks moved into their new facility on Highway 62 East.

Perhaps the pink barbecue grill fashioned like a pig guarding the front door lets you know that things are a bit different at Double D Supply Co. The pink grill is one of several styles of Traeger grills available.

Traeger grills use special food-grade wood pellets which are poured into a hopper.

A flip of a switch activates a hot rod that ignites the pellets, which are then augered automatically from the hopper to the firepot. Here, convection air is added, pushing heat and wood smoke around the food while drippings are channeled out of the cooking chamber into an external bucket for disposal.

"This grill is three appliances in one. Smoke, grill, bake or slow cook every kind of food other than just meat," said Mrs. Eftink.

According to Mrs. Eftink the cooking process doesn't require the constant attention of some barbecue grills. "You can literally put the food on the grill, close the lid, and wait for it to be done. It's no hassle grilling because the drippings are channeled away with no flare-ups," she said.

Each Traeger grill comes with a three-year warranty, one-year service agreement and a value-added kit which includes a cookbook, spices and pellets along with coupons so new users only need to add the meat and they can start cooking. Also there are numerous accessories which can be added to upgrade the basic grill models such as digital thermometers, covers, rib racks and more.

Not only does Double D provide the grills but they keep all the pellets, barbecue sauces, spices and grill accessories in stock.

Since becoming a regional distributor, the Eftinks have established 150 Traeger dealers in their five-state area and are always looking for more businesses and individuals who want to add the Traeger grill to their inventory.

"Every day we are contacted by people looking for a Traeger dealer near them," said Mrs. Eftink. Their son, Adam, has joined their sales team as a Traeger salesman to help spread the word about the grills.

Also sharing a spot in the front show room is a miniature version of the Clim Air 50 hay dryer. Developed in Europe with U.S. patented rights, it is currently imported from Italy. The machine will hold either round or square bales, which are dried through a process that forces air through both upper and lower sides of the hay bale toward its center. According to Mrs. Eftink, this significantly reduces the processing time and loss for farmers.

There are other advantages as well, she said. The retention of leaves provides a higher protein content in the hay and the process prevents mold and fermentation which is healthier for the animals.

Showing the scale model of the dryer at a recent Dairy Expo show in Wisconsin, David Eftink and son, Ryan, who serves as international operations manager, found a lot of interest from hay and dairy farmers.

One satisfied customer even wrote Ryan Eftink calling the dryer an economical option in today's farming. "After a half season of use, I'd hate to grow hay without a dryer. A dryer increases our options of when to bale and still get prime hay," wrote Sherman Schueler of Wilmar, Minn.

In the association with Junior's Construction Parts, which has its sales office in St. John's, Mich., Double D Supply has become the main warehouse for the distribution of new aftermarket construction parts for front-end loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, etc.

As a regional warehouse for A&I Products, a company based in Rock Valley, Iowa, Eftink Enterprises carries inventory in their warehouse for over 10,000 new aftermarket parts for tractors and combines. When a customer contacts A&I for parts, the parts are quickly pulled and shipped, Mrs. Eftink said.

Double D's access to two major interstates makes it a perfect spot for a distribution center, Mrs. Eftink noted. The Midwest location allows for shipments to arrive quicker and less expensive for those in need of parts, she added.

For more information about Traeger Grills available at Double D check their Website, www.doubledbbq.com.