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Speakout 10/18

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First of all, I would like to say that in spite of a loss, I am very proud of the way the Sikeston Bulldogs played Friday night. They should hold their heads high. It is just too bad that the games prior to this one were quite the opposite. Winning one game in four years tells us that some changes need to be made. I wonder if the Sikeston coaches or teachers have seen two really cool shows. I am speaking of "Friday Night Lights" and "Two-A-Days". They should watch them and take some notes. Especially "Two-A-Days". It is the best reality show on TV. I wonder when the varsity coaches are going to learn that the offense that we are running isn't working. It seems as though they are against change, but I can only hope that this year opens some eyes. They need to change before the 8th and 9th grade get to the junior varsity and varsity level. I didn't go to any of the games until the Poplar Bluff games. I had heard that there was an unbelievable amount of talent on those teams. I had also read the articles on them in the Democrat. I would have to agree to a certain extent. Please fix the system before we have to yet again send scholarship worthy students to graduation without what they deserve. I have talked with a number of the parents on the younger teams and there are a lot of high expectations for those two groups. Some of them maybe too high. One parent even told me that his son is shooting for a State Championship, USC, and then even the NFL. All I will say to him and his son is good luck. I was very happy to read in the Democrat on Friday that Coach Bays took blame for the 9th grade loss, stating that practice was too light. There is a lot of talk among parents that most of the coaches are too nice, and the offense needs to change. It is too late for the Juniors and Seniors, the damage has already been done. There is still hope for the generations coming up. Names to watch for: Eli Jackson, Josh Carlisle, Juqualin Wiggins, Dwayne Harris, Darrell Howard, Jerry Andrews, Ray Clark, Sam Erwin, Ben Burton, Michael Sherrod and Janiel Hatchett. These boys and a few more are the future for Sikeston. Something needs to happen to bring Sikeston back to the Football glory it once held. Confidence is down. I urge all Sikeston residents to come out and support your Sikeston Bulldogs, even if you don't have a child on the team. It's a pride thing, not just for the school, but for the whole town. I would also like to hear what you think on this matter. Please respond to the Standard Democrat SpeakOut section, or if you don't want everyone to read your opinions, feel free to email me at gosikestondogs@yahoo.com I will post your opinion and leave your name out. Go Bulldogs. God Bless and Good Luck.

I read in the paper today where Mississippi County commissioners said the negative concerns about 4-wheelers was not justifiable. Tell that to the farmer who has just lost about 4 or 5 acres of crop not to flood, not to drought, but to someone who does not have respect for other people's property . You can have all the State Laws you want, it's just like the article said, some people don't follow the laws already what makes you think they will follow those laws? It don't matter how many tickets you have paid or if you can afford it. Some who farm can not afford someone taking food out of their mouths so they can have a little bit of fun. So the next time you see one of your elected commissioners let them know it is very justifiable if there not out riding their 4-wheelers through your bean field with the rest of the pack.

I just read the hatchet job against Bill Ferrell. Well, he is gone and continue to bash him. I am an employee of Scott County and feel the public needs to hear all the facts. I read the audit and the papers failed to report the almost $12,000 that the new sheriff collected for a personal vehicle he had. The access to seized property was directed at the new sheriff, not the old sheriff, and now the commissioners want to get involved in the bashing. Well, they need to start with the van that is talked about in the paper, the one the new sheriff took on a vacation with his church youth group. The commissioners refused to talk about that issue with the papers, but the taxpayers have all the right to the answers.

Recommendation. It would be nice if the city would put a water fountain close to the track at the complex. The fish have a fountain, so should we.

This is true, but they are not allowed to walk on your track.

I'm calling about the city of Sikeston, as far as Mayor Mike Marshall and Josh Bill getting a pat on the back. I'd just like to know why at 11:25 on a Friday afternoon they are running 135-145 car trains through here? Traffic is picked up going southbound from Rockview. Just like to know some info on that.