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Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

Speakout 12/26

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I was headed north on Pine Street about 12:30, I stopped at the stop sign on Virginia and Pine. Good thing I did, because there was a young man in a little car come flying across there doing 50 or more, run the stop sign. I took off after him, but somebody got in my way. It's a good thing they did buddy, and I didn't get your license plate number, because I would've turned your buns into the police department and seen what they could've done about you. If I had been at that stop sign and went on through, there's no telling where I would've wound up. It's a shame that people gets by with stuff like this.

This is to the resident on Harrison Street. You need to take your flag down. It is a disgrace to our country to fly a flag that is so tattered and stripped. Please take it down.

If Sikeston wants to beat Notre Dame in any sport, they should have Chris Moore cheer for Notre Dame because every time Chris Moore writes bad things about Notre Dame and good things about Sikeston, Sikeston loses horribly.

I just wanted to say that the 7-year-old had the best grammar I've ever seen for a 7-year-old in the Dear Santa letter that was in SpeakOut. Dear Santa shenanigans.

We knew that too, but wasn't it clever?

I want to address this to the churches and also the parents. What are we teaching our children? I recently heard of a child going to church where Santa Claus was there and another Christian school in Sikeston reading witch stories at Halloween and Santa Claus at Christmas. We send our children to church and Christian schools so that they can learn about the loving saving grave of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is taking away from the true meaning of Christmas and actually teaching our children to lie if we lie to them regarding Santa Claus. If the children can't trust their parents who will they trust. Does this make us our children's friend or foe? I choose to be tell the truth. We have all made mistakes. Thank God for the true meaning of Christmas which is God's forgiveness. Let's keep Jesus as the reason for the season.