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Speakout 10/5

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Because the Mississippi County presiding commissioner's son-in-law requested that 4-wheelers be legal on county roads, the citizens of the county who operate licensed and insured grain trucks, pickups, automobiles and farm machinery and who are required to carry liability insurance will now be competing for the use of these roads with mostly uninsured vehicles. This will not only increase death and injury, but will now increase the already out of control unlawful trespass and crop destruction on farmland and other private land in the county. In addition, automobile owners and farmers will now be subjected to liability lawsuits on their property even though these ATVs may be trespassing.

I'm hoping someone from the Sikeston Football stadium will read this. Could you please serve your sodas colder? Yours are some of the warmest sodas of any of the stadiums around here And when you pay $1.50 for a soda you'd like for it least to be cold for a few minutes.

I'm calling about Disability/Social Security. I applied for it back in July and they told me I got it but I won't get a check until December. How are you supposed to live from July until December without any income coming in?

I'm a resident of Morehouse and I'm sitting out here in the swing and looking around right now. Refrigerators, old seats, boxes and junk is all over the yards. You know I don't understand, Sikeston gets tickets for messy yards. I don't understand why Morehouse don't go around and make some tickets for some people. When I sit out in my yard I like to look at pretty things. All these yards are nothing but junk and trash. Write them a ticket and teach them a lesson.

This is a comment, really a quote, by Doug Friend stating that contractors may sub-contract a job if they so choose. This was in relation to work done on streets in the city of Sikeston. It seems to me that if you put out a bid for a contractor, the contractor you choose, you choose because he is the best one for the job. It doesn't seem right to bid in someone and say we're going to let you do the job and then he turns around and says I'm going to let so and so do it for me. If there's a contractor out there that I say come do my roof, then he better come do my roof, not someone else he chooses to send. So why should the city of Sikeston say all right you send anyone you want to do the street but you're the one who has the contract? Something's wrong there.

This is to the lady who bought the Hoosier-like cabinet from me when I had the shop in Sikeston. I have the bottom to it and will be glad bring it to you if you will give me a call 703-6580.

I'm calling about an article I read on opinions in St. Louis Post Dispatch. It's on, I believe C-8 Page, and it's on treatment about the prisons. And I think it would be real good for the Sikeston residents to get to read it too. It's on humane treatment. There's other things I've heard recently that I haven't heard in The Standard.

I am in need of a dressmaker's form. I've been trying to find one in various places and not having any luck. If you could possibly call me at 471-0817 and leave a message on my voice mail I will be very glad to get back with you.