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Speakout 10/17

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The city did a great job in resurfacing Malone Avenue, but we really need some white lines for the night driving because it's hard to see up and down the highway when it is dark. And it is really hard to see when it is raining.

According to MoDOT, striping was to start Oct. 16, but was canceled due to rain. Striping crews will begin the job, weather permitting, on Oct. 17.

I would like to say a big thank you to Don Miller for sending all of the photos down to the Depot for us to go through. There have been a lot of happy people and we appreciate him so much. Thank you.

I just read in the Speakout dated 10/06/06, about an ex offender being offended. Since you didn't say exactly what your "illness" or "crime" was, it leaves you untrustworthy. If you're not afraid to speak out, then why are you afraid of telling a bit more to your story? Such as, what exactly did you do to get busted for? Child pornography? Child abuse? Child molestation? As you can see, there are lots of things you could have done, but since you didn't explain yourself, then you should understand why no one would trust you without even really knowing you. I wouldn't hire someone I didn't trust completely; especially with my money. Anyway, I am sure some would call me cold hearted or just an outright b*&%h, but here's my 2 cents worth on this. Once an offender, always an offender, even though you may not act upon the urge to commit such a horrible thing, just the fact that you thought about it, and you do think about it, subconsciously. You may not remember thinking about it, but you do think about it. I do not believe in rehabilitating all of these drug addicts, or drunks or molesters. I don't see any sense in wasting my hard earned money on someone else's screw ups. Would you hire someone who molested a child before? Or someone who beat up their wife? Or maybe it was just their little kid they beat up? Or maybe they just liked sitting at home every night, looking at little kids on the internet? Would YOU hire them? Think about it. It's not our place to judge anyone, but then again, it wasn't your place to do what you did either now, was it?

The Standard-Democrat newspaper made it a point to water down the story about the Scott County audit. The Cape paper lists the guilty parties and all the goings on, who slipped around and the put ons. The Sikeston paper really watered it down, don't give any details on nothing, the guilty party or nothing. It's kind of amusing. Just look at the Cape paper and it'll tell you the whole true story.

First Mr. Moore, we don't like people jumping on and off our band wagon at New Madrid. If you are just a fair weather follower, just fair weather yourself off the band wagon. And as far as Albert Pujols goes, if he wants to stare at his homerun he should be able to do so. If you should ever do something that monumental or meaningful to somebody, you would probably stare at it too.

To all Wal-Marts across the nation. What would you do if all Christians in the United States refused to buy at your store due to the fact that you all believe to use our money that we spend there to go against what the Bible teaches us on gay and lesbian marriages? Our hard earned money needs to be used for cancer research and all the other diseases out there instead of making a statement for gays and lesbians. This is their right and they will pay the cost on Judgment Day. But we realize the workers there, it is out of their hands. It is the big people, Sam Walton's people, that are doing this. I wonder how he felt about it? Since he is dead we will never know. I heard of one church in Sikeston boycotting Wal-Mart and there may be more. But I just wonder if the Democrat will publish this in SpeakOut. People need to read God's word more.