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Speakout 9/20

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The topic is a very important election just two months away. If your are planning on voting Republican, you certainly need to see a psychiatrist. George Bush and his cronies have been the most corrupt administration ever known to man and have gotten us in debt by $9 trillion. That is more than the preceding 42 presidents combined. He is responsible for 2700 soldiers dead, 20,000 wounded in Iraq. He has vetoed the stem cell bill, killed the global warming bill, the pollution bill, the privacy act, the bankruptcy rights, the right to sue, tried to privatize our Social Security and has in mind to privatize our Medicare program, has cut taxes to give to the rich, caused the poor and middle class to pay more for other taxes and tuition and health care insurance. He has passed the energy bill that states plainly that taxpayers give the oil company $14 billion. He has passed the prescription drug bill that states plainly that the government will not attempt to get the prices lower and will give the pharmaceutical companies $12 billion of the taxpayer's money. He is trying to get an amnesty bill through that will give illegal aliens a pass to our USA. Bush is nothing but a puppet on a string. The corporations put him in office. They are now running our country. I agree wholeheartedly with the person who said Bush was the worst president our country has ever known. He has taken from the poor and given to the rich and shipping jobs overseas. As far as homeland security is concerned, without securing our ports, our real system, checking baggage loaded on planes, we have no real security. You remember Bush wanted foreigners to operate our ports.

I finally got my paper and now I'm wondering what page the crossword puzzle is on Thursday? I didn't have one in my paper.

I would like to commend Mayor Mike Marshall, Josh Bill and the City Council for the great job they did of derailing the railroads through our county. From Rock Ridge to Sikeston, Mayor Mike Marshall stopped these trains from disrupting our neighborhoods in Scott County. I am so happy and I think that I am going to vote for Mayor Marshall again.

On Highway 61, these farm trucks are pulling out in front of these people who are going 60 mph. They are loaded down. Why don't these drivers wait just a few more seconds and just let these cars go by? What it is these drivers get paid by the load and they don't give a &*%$ about safety or not. You have to follow behind them two or three miles until they get speed picked up. Most of them are overweight and everything else.

Just a few lines to remind everyone how crooked the system is, if anyone could forget. Case and point. A few years ago there was a drug bust in New Madrid in a trailer. This girl's boyfriend was making meth under it. She had four or five kids at the time. Highway patrol, city cops was all there, but no kids was took away. Very well off family and she still lives with the boy, by the way. Another girl gets her kid took away from her for telling him to get out of the street so the drunks at the housing project wouldn't run over him. Land of opportunity and equality? I say land of the rich.

I'd like to speak out for the decent women in a town close to Sikeston. We walk into a store that's located there and there's a whole table full of men sitting there talking about us. We know what they're doing, they're sitting there making fun of our body parts, drinking their coffee and making fun of us and everything else, this, that and the other. We can't even go in there and buy things that women need, a loaf of bread or milk unless we get made fun of. I don't understand why they can't put a partition around them old men there that don't have anything better to do than sit there and talk about everybody else. The old codgers. I go all the way to Sikeston because of them eye balling me every time I walk in the place.

We have a pickup truck on our block and when it starts and runs, it sounds like Steamboat Willy on dry land. Must need a manifold gasket or a muffler.