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Speakout 10/15

Sunday, October 15, 2006

On the 3rd of October, someone responded to Miss Brooks opinion on minimum wages. I assume that person meant "how can you draw Social Security and work at the same time?" May I try to enlighten you a little bit? I may do you more harm than help you, but here goes. You can draw Social Security and work and make a certain amount of money a month at the same time to compensate the Social Security check. With the cost of living, we can all use a little bit of extra money. Now having a disability does not always mean you are totally disabled, it could mean you have a limit on what you can do, like sitting, standing at any long period of time or lifting over a certain amount of weight. These people are disabled (to do certain things), not handicapped to a capacity to do nothing. They are not lazy, so therefore these people need something to do to feel useful in life. This gives a lot of people a reason to get out of bed each day, a reason to keep going and not give up. These people need this extra job to feel alive and not waste their lives sitting on the sofa watching soap operas and watching sports all day. This gives them a purpose in life and of course, the money always helps.

Regarding the piano wanted in the SpeakOut column, at the Mississippi County Courthouse entryway, on the bulletin board there is a notice about an available piano.

Years ago, good manners were imperative. Politeness was expected. Courtesies were ingrained into someone's being. Where did all that go? Now, yes ma'am and no sir are rarely, if ever, heard. Disrespect for parents, teachers and elders is rampant. Rudeness is accepted. There is lack of respect for possessions, people's feelings and other's well being. The evidence of this is everywhere, school shootings, murders, runaways, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, etc. How do we stop this downward spiral into immorality? I believe it starts with each one of us. Giving and showing respect starts with each individual. Parents should teach it to their children. Parents should be role models to their children. Being less rude to others would be a good start. An example would be if you were invited to a shower, wedding or party. The proper etiquette would be to show up, send regrets or send a gift. Just not showing up is very rude and disrespectful. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to plan, prepare, purchase food and host a get-together for someone they care about. If one is invited, it means someone cares enough to include you in their celebration. It is very embarrassing to the hostess when no one shows up, especially family members. You know what they say about what goes around? Well, I know I have too good of manners to do what others have done to me. Just think how you would feel if someone was that rude to you. Signed, A well-mannered individual who is tired of rude people.

I would like to speak out about the person who called in about the pizza parlor wearing gloves. Do you know gloves carry more bacteria and germs than washed hands because they are used over and over again?

To the lady in 9/26 SpeakOut wanting good American food. The place to go is Mary Ada's, 305 E. Main, Portageville. The best buffet daily 10:30-1:30, except Saturday. Best ever is dressing on Sundays. Open Friday nights 4:30

-8:30 fish buffet, Saturday 4:30-8:30 menu. Good atmosphere. It's not far, only 30 minutes. Many Portageville families shop Sikeston regularly.

This is in reply to the writer who was talking about the person on disability making minimum wage. A person on disability may work a certain amount of hours per week and per month and make a certain amount of money. It is reduced from their disability pay. That way they are viable citizens of this country, not just taking from others.