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Don't reward illegal aliens with benefits

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Some things in the world of politics fall into gray areas. Others, however, are clearly black or white. An agreement apparently reached in 2004 that would provide Social Security benefits for illegal aliens is wrong. There's no middle ground. This proposal is wrong and everyone should closely monitor how Congress decides this issue.

Here's what could happen. Under a deal reached almost three years ago between the United States and Mexico, illegal aliens who might someday be granted legal status, would be eligible for Social Security benefits for the time they worked here illegally. Not only would this plan hasten the financial woes of the Social Security system but it's just not right to reward illegal activities. And that's exactly what this plan would do.

I think President Bush approved this proposal for political purposes. There is a growing Hispanic population in this country and their voting power increases daily. By offering this Social Security revision, I believe Bush sees more votes for Republicans as a result. If approved, the Bush legacy will include both the Iraq war and the eventual demise of the Social Security program.

On a personal level, this plan won't impact me. I won't live long enough to feel the pain of paying benefits to illegal aliens. But it will impact my children and their children. The promise of Social Security will fade into history and the efforts of millions of American workers will be handed to millions of illegal aliens who will never and could never put enough into the Social Security program to offset what they would receive.

I am literally sickened by this unbelievable proposal. Who in their right mind would reward illegal activities? The American voters are united in their opposition to such a plan yet Congress may well be on the verge of approving the measure with little public debate.

Politicians know that voters have short memories. If it's not going to impact my pocketbook today, then who cares? Well, we all should care because this plan would only increase the flow of illegal aliens across our borders and further burden a Social Security system already near collapse.

If approved, history will mark this one single issue as a breaking point of a promise given to the American public.

I pledge never to support any elected official - regardless of party affiliation - who votes to take money out of the hands of hard-working Americans and give it to illegal aliens. And I will take that pledge to my grave.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen