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Speakout 11/17

Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm calling in regards to the article that Paul Cohen made in the Standard. I didn't see anything in that write-up that was derogatory to Chief Juden. We all praise him and his officers for what they have done. We know that he is behind us and he will do anything that we ask him to do. What the article was about, from what I understand, is the officers are not paid for what they are doing. So people, when you read those articles, get the understanding of what they mean. Nothing derogatory was meant toward Chief Juden. I know I live in an area he cleaned up and we are still living here because he cleaned it up.

This is to Never in business. Yes, the gentleman was right. If you can't pay these people a decent wage you shouldn't even have a business. I worked for fifty cents an hour back in 1964, and left that place and went to National Lock and worked out there 22 years. I was making $8.91 an hour when I left that place, and that's been almost 10 years or so. He does know what he's talking about. I worked for practically nothing all my life. I am so happy minimum wage did go up. I am jumping for joy for these kids that are working in these fast food places, because they deserve a raise.

This is in regards to Here's the skinny article in SpeakOut. I am not obese, nor do I smoke, but if I had to choose between the two I would take the side of the obese. You smokers stand out in front of restaurants, businesses, hospitals, wherever you suck your smoke and blow it out for us to walk through. I have no problems walking past an obese person. When you are standing out there sucking your smoke, don't wonder what we think, because we think you are filthy and stinky. If you had any decency about you, you would get out of the front door so we wouldn't have to look at you. Not to mention your littering. You throw out your butts everywhere, on the street, on the sidewalk, on the parking lot, yard, wherever your simple mind tells your hand to throw it. Also, you need to face the facts. You are a druggie. Nicotine is a drug and you have to have it. I see people who can't hardly feed or clothe their children, but they will have that cigarette hanging out of their mouth. Again, if you had any decency about you, you would respect my right to breathe clean air, but you don't. You don't care because you have to satisfy your addiction. If there was a vote today on a $10 tax on a pack of Twinkies or a pack of cigarettes, I would definitely tax the cigarettes. You smokers keep on sucking. We'll read about you, your survivors and pall bearers soon enough in the paper.

I would like to thank the New Madrid police department for doing such a great job Thursday night. I appreciate them being so nice, kind and professional. Thank you for a job well done. This is a Mom that appreciates you very much.

What makes a good doctor? I would like to tell you about my doctor who is a good doctor. Why? He takes care of me and my family when we are sick. He is there in bad weather, his office is open. He gets out on the snow and ice and he takes care of me. On holidays, he has his office open. He is there to take care of me. Anytime, my family needs him, my doctor is there with his office open taking care of me. After all, what is the Hippocratic oath? That you'll be there to take care of your patients. How can you do this when you close when the weather's bad and every holiday that comes along? What do your patients do? They depend on you. I am so fortunate to have a good doctor. I'd like to thank my doctor.