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Speakout 9/3

Sunday, September 3, 2006

I'd like to have a list of personal trainers with their names and numbers put in the paper. I don't necessarily mean those that you go to the gyms and they check you ever once in a while, I mean one that will actually set you up a program and will work with you for X amount of time and watch your progress.

I wanted to complain about the way Sikeston Kindergarten is making the car riders leave after school. My daughter gets out at 3:30 p.m. and by the time I pick her up it's almost 4 p.m. This is ridiculous. I can't afford to burn up my gas waiting in line 30 minutes to pick her up. When I park and walk to go and pick her up inside one of the school workers told me I couldn't do that. Something needs to be done about this issue quickly.

I'm calling concerning the Sikeston DPS. What I wanted to say was that I got pulled over the other day by an officer and he was extremely rude. I asked the officer about it and he informed me that he doesn't get paid to be nice, he gets paid to do his job. That's all I needed to say.

Apparently, that's all he needed to say too.

Mike your latest editorial explaining how the Mexican government exporting its poverty by illegal immigration to the U.S. will be remembered as one of your best pieces of journalism. It required a lot of courage for you to speak the truth about this touchy subject. But the fact is this culture is being overwhelmed and the population growth numbers support the truth of your article. I am as well disappointed in Mr. Bush's arrogant cowboy style. He refuses to admit that he is wrong about anything. Equally damaging to our country is a budget deficit created by Mr. Bush and a Republican controlled Congress that has a larger deficit than the past 42 presidents put together. Further, much promise is offered by the medical community for cures in diabetes, Parkinsons and spinal cord disorders using stem cells that are not a result of abortion that this president pigheadedly refuses to budge and allows our country to be overwhelmed by illegal immigrants, continues to print inflated money and disallows research on and allow cures for our loved ones. I too would not vote for him again if I were allowed to vote for him for a third time.

This is in response to Not fit to eat. Obviously this person does not have any children in the Sikeston school system. They do have vegetables, whether it be corn, carrots, potatoes, peas or something. I would be more than happy to give them a copy of the lunch menu if they don't have one. It's okay to have a fun meal. It's the parent's responsibility to have a balanced dinner. One fun lunch is not going to hurt anybody.

The person complaining that their child could no longer have sodas and desserts at school when they want them should watch the show, "I am killing my kids." A school system should have the right to regulate school lunches. They should be healthy and balanced. I admire any school district that has the best interest of the children in their mind instead of the uneducated parents. Just look at the menus of other schools, all they serve is junk and even offer more junk and sodas in snack bars. Is money in mind or health? Tacos, fish sticks, mozzarella dunkers, fries, sodas, pizza, are all junk foods. What happened to vegetables, fruit and cooked meals such as stew, meatloaf, chicken? Are lunch room workers so hard to find that know how to cook? What's going on in Southeast Missouri schools? A school lunch may be the only prepared meal a child might receive that day. Do you really want it to be junk also? I, for one, do not want my tax dollars spent on promoting junk food in the schools.

This is in response to Hot under the collar. I too had a landlord that wouldn't come and fix my air conditioner.