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Nobody asked me but ...

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Nobody asked me but...what the heck is going on over at Dexter? How is boys head coach Eric Sitze's job on the line? Do records like 24-4, 21-5, 23-8 and 21-6 in four of his first five years sound like a problem?

This season Dexter fell on some hard times with a 10-16 record, but to try and get rid of Sitze after one lean season is uncalled for. Don't give us the 'he's too hard on our boys' baloney. Plain and simple, it is about wins and losses.

Dexter already ran off southeast Missouri legend Paul Hale, which is beyond me. Now, the community is rumbling about Sitze. The weather is fair and I guess people forget that Sitze led the Bearcats to their ONLY state championship appearance in 2004.

By the same token, kudos to the Dexter school board for coming to their senses and keeping Sitze on staff. I just can't believe it got as far as it did.

What is the deal with the movement of coaches from school to school in this area? Stability leads to success and with the turnover in the coaching ranks lately, one would presume that success is short-lived for some programs... (NAMB: 8-17-2005)

Openings exist for football at Hayti and for basketball at New Madrid County Central, Poplar Bluff, Twin Rivers and Doniphan. Going to start putting head coaches on the endangered species list.

Speaking of coaches, has anyone noticed the similar paths that current Sikeston boys basketball head coach Gregg Holifield and former coach Fred Johnson, have had in their respective first eight years at Sikeston High School?

Both won three district titles and made a trip to the final four in their first eight years at Sikeston. Interesting parallels.

The only difference is it looks like Holifield isn't ready to turn in his whistle just yet. Sikeston basketball is on the upswing and I see a budding Class 4 power on the horizon.

Besides the VFW Stadium at Sikeston, the baseball field over at Charleston is in the running for best field in southeast Missouri. Sunken dugouts, grass infield, the dimensions and the PA guy make the park at Charleston first rate. Also enjoy the music before, during and after the game.

And finally, nobody asked me but... it is sad that SEMO did not give Lennies McFerren a sniff at the coaching vacancy. The lame excuse of 'he is not qualified' is offensive. Sounds like an excuse not to hire someone. The prospective coach has to have previous college experience? Why? Who said? Notre Dame football hired high school coach Gerry Faust and SIU basketball hired high school coach Rich Herrin.

Note to SEMO, you guys are not that big time. You are a regional university that needs to embrace the area. When SEMO was rolling, local players were involved like Terry Mead, Jewell Crawford, Michael Morris, Ray Pugh, Malcolm Henry, Cornell Henderson and Donnie McClinton. All winners. The stadium was packed and everybody was involved in the program. We KNEW the players, we were interested in their season.

Now, besides one-year Portageville player Roy Booker (who led SEMO in scoring by the way) I can't name one player on the team. And what is worse, I don't care. I don't. Guarantee, if McFerren was coaching, I would journey to watch that team. I am not alone.

SEMO is courting OVC retread Scott Edgar, Jay "my daddy is Charlie" Spoonhour and underwhelming Rod Barnes.

Edgar coached at Murray St. and has more recently been assistant at Tennessee. Wow, I am impressed. Over/under on how long he stays if gets the position? I say five years and gone. Oh, if history is any indication, get ready for a boat-load of JUCO players coming to Cape if Edgar is hired (and not from Three Rivers).

Spoonhour had a cup of coffee at UNLV after Charlie Spoonhour stepped down. Was head coach of JUCO champions at Wabash Valley for one season. Assistant at Mizzou from 2004 to 2006 in charge of recruiting. Nice job getting Tyler Hansbrough and Brandon Rush, by the way. Both were in state players that went elsewhere. Over/under...three years.

Barnes was head coach at Ole Miss.

Big deal.

See the Edgar paragraph for what kind of players he will recruit. Over/

under...don't even bother with this cat.

Final thought on SEMO, just an insult to the entire area for not even granting McFerren an interview. Not too mention the second most qualified candidate Anthony Beane, was not granted an interview as well. SEMO...you guys blew it.