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Sikeston woman provides details of million-dollar win

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Patsy Wise poses with her oversized million-dollar check.
SIKESTON -- Patsy Wise didn't have to spend one coin to win her prize of $1 million Sunday at Harrah's Casino in Metropolis, Ill.

"It didn't have anything to do with the slots or machines," the 71-year-old Sikeston woman said.

Wise said she isn't even a big gambler.

"My sister started going to the boat. I didn't even know what it was about. I know you have to have a card and be 21," Wise said.

On a previous trip to the Metropolis casino, Wise swiped her casino reward card on a designated promotional day. Her name was eventually selected for a chance to enter the "3 Million on the House" drawing that gave away $1 million, 1 million rewards credits and 1 million airline miles.

Wise, who was accompanied by her two daughters, two sisters and two nieces in the entertainment room at Harrah's in Metropolis, watched the video simulcast drawing Sunday from Harrah's Rincon Casino and Resort in San Diego.

Wise was among 329 other people across the country --10 from each Harrah's Casino -- waiting to see if they would be a winner. Everyone at each casino was given a number one through 10.

"My number was three," Wise said.

Then it was down to Wise and all the people at the other casinos who had number three, too.

A big wheel labeled with the Harrah's Casinos cities was then spun, and whichever casino's city it landed on determined the winner. "It stopped on Metropolis," Wise said.

Everybody in that room screamed and hollered, Wise said.

"I didn't go wild or anything," Wise said.

Immediately after Wise won, she got a suite at the hotel and then the ladies called their husbands and Wise's son. Then they ate a big steak dinner, Wise said.

Wise admitted she was feeling lucky Sunday.

"I felt like I might win this. When he drew my number 3, I really thought I had a chance of winning," Wise admitted.

Even before she won the money, Wise said she considered herself lucky.

"I have three healthy children, two healthy grandchildren and a supportive husband so I think I'm pretty lucky," Wise said.

Just two days after winning, Wise hasn't received a lot of feedback from friends and family yet, she said.

"My husband -- he's very religious -- he doesn't care about me going to the boat, but I bet he'll help me spend the money," Wise laughed.

But Wise said she already knows of a couple things she will spend her money on -- her two grandchildren's college tuition.

"We've always done some traveling, and we'll probably do a little bit of traveling. Of course I'll have to make arrangements for taxes," she acknowledged.

Wise said she and her husband, Paul, will just settle in and share the money with their children and grandchildren.

The couple's home was built only seven years ago so they may do some "sprucing up," Wise said. "I'm grateful I won, and I'll find places to put it and have savings in place for my relatives when I'm gone."