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Speakout 9/13

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

To the big mouth, I have kids and a husband. I have to work to take care of children and I do see that my 82-year-old mother is taken care of. So don't tell me. I am not on welfare. You don't know until you walk in my shoes. And I don't set on my rear! The concerned daughter. It's very easy to pass judgment when you don't know.

Mike, I need help from your readers. I have a granddaughter, healthy and happy, has a smart mind, eager to help and learn about everything around her, plays well with other children, loves school, appears normal in every way, except her speech. Has a hard time being understood at times. She will set and work a 100-piece puzzle, she knows her ABC's, will point out each letter and her numbers, but she won't say or write them in line. She has been to doctors in Sikeston, Jackson, Cape and St. Louis. All we hear is, "Keep her in speech." Her IQ was 126 at 4 years and 7 months, now age 6. Is she the only child with this problem? Worried Grandma.

Well I just got finished watching the Sikeston High School Marching Band, I think. It looked very nice but I couldn't hear them. All the guys in the press box keep talking. Years gone by they used to do a better job of showing the half-time. I guess all this modern technology and we ain't got nobody out there that understands it, because you can't ever get to see the band anymore. They can't even follow the football very good. But anyway, I'm glad we get what we get.

I'd like to point out to all the people that go to church and say that they are Christians and everything, in their Bible it is part of God's word that you speak and greet and treat each fellow person as equal as you are. A lot of people that you work with and you see out in the world, just because you have power in your hands, and you think you have power in your hands to destroy their lives whether they have a job or not, they are still your fellow person, and it is rude not to speak and treat them just as equal as you are. They have a home and family and kids just like you do. They are just as important. Each person needs to be recognized as a person. They are not just nothing.

If the local law is going to allow illegal immigrants in this town, they need to instruct them on the law that bicycles do not have the right of way in the middle of the street.

In August, Mike wrote two outstanding editorials. I wish he would reprint both of them in Wednesday papers so everybody could see how far he has come in understanding the blue collar worker. It's just a shame he and others couldn't have seen that before he voted in '04.