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Speakout 12/29

Friday, December 29, 2006

In answer to Do your part, why can't the local police do their part when an animal is being abused and being inadequately provided for without some person calling it in? If they saw some person walking down the street doing something suspicious, they'd stop them. They have eyes just like everybody else. They're around the neighborhood more than everybody else in town. And if you are so concerned that animals can be taken care of if we have laws that can send people to jail, then why according to the director of the Humane Society, are there no prosecutions here locally? I agree there are state laws, but why aren't they being observed and prosecuted? We need laws against tethering and the size of enclosure an animal can be kept in. None of these 2 by 5 pens.

How many state championships will it take for Chris Moore to admit that Notre Dame is the superior school?

This is to the person who said that it just happens when you sleep with a married man. First of all you must not have any morals about yourself and you must not do any background check on the men that you lay up with because for one, you would find out things about this man before you sleep with him. It's not the woman's fault if the man cheats on her. Because first of all if a man cheats on a woman it just shows that he's not a man at all. They are just stupid and need to grow up. I think women who go around looking for married men need help and need to get on their knees and pray to God to deliver them from adultery because I hate adultery. I hope you all will leave these married men alone and do a background check on them. It's so sad that these women are sleeping with these men two or three days after they meet them and they don't even know them. HIV is going around and it is rampant. Be careful who you are sleeping with and find out who it is before you do it.

I was shopping at Penney's Dec. 20 and my Mom had something happen to her and I would like to thank each one of the girls that helped me that day with her. One got a soda, and some more come along. Some of the customers brought stuff. You are really appreciated and I think you all are a bunch of guys out there. Thanks a million.

If you got the guts to put this in your newspaper about your sportswriter, Chris Moore. Nobody asked me but. Yeah, that's a joke. You had to have gotten him from Chicago or somewhere because only a Cub fan would do some stunts like he does in the paper. Get a real sportswriter. This is a Portageville Bulldog fan down here. And he doesn't know what he's talking about. He doesn't know anything. He's only got one thing in his eyes and that's up north. Get a real sportswriter for your column for the sports. If you need some help put him on the unemployment line and we'll throw together a part time crew here and we can do about ten times as good as he can. And have a good day Chris Moore. And Nobody asked me but.