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Speakout 9/12

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I was commenting on the SpeakOut concerning wages causing prices to increase. The other way to look at that is the more people make the more they have to spend, right? Now it is impossible for someone to make a living on minimum wage. Where's the complaint about the price of a gallon of gas has quad tripled and oil companies are making record profits. So evidently extra costs hasn't affected their profit. Myself, I would be willing to pay a little extra for something to see the employee make a decent wage. And like everything else, the consumer pays the difference. Whether gas prices go up, wages go up whatever. I don't mind paying an extra dime for a Whopper if the employee gets a decent wage. If we are going to complain about something, what about the gas prices with Exxon making record profits? The consumer can barely afford to drive to work. Come one, pay the people what they are worth.

Yes I'm calling SpeakOut because I figure most people read that and they don't read the letters to the editor that much. But anyway, this is Bonnie Dyer. On behalf of myself and all of the other people in town that have macular degeneration, which is an elderly eye disease, I would just like to say that I am not unfriendly, I just can not make out faces clearly. And if you see me out please come by and let me get a closer look at you or identify yourself. I would also like to thank all of the clerks and most of the stores here in town. They are very helpful when I am picking out cards or looking for something to read. Glasses only help just a little bit but they don't help that much. Be patient with us people who have macular degeneration because it is a bad problem. I would also like to tell Mike that I used to think the local paper didn't have that much news in it, but now that I can't read it, I am missing out on everything that is going on in my community and I really hate that.

I am tired of all the ACLU stuff re: foreign language consideration in schools for alien and non-English speaking "citizens" and illegals. When is the US going to stand up and say speak English? All the immigrants in previous times knew that they'd have to con filtered "land of opportunity", right? Now, it is known as the " 'wus country catering to each and every undesirable and illegal who can manage to get across the border"! Children need to be taught to adapt in language, culture and customs, to learn all they can and compete with the rest of us equally and fairly for jobs and a prosperous future. At home, speak your native language and keep your culture alive, but don't force it down the throats of the rest of us, our ancestors had to learn the language of the new country they adopted and they adapted to survive. It was good enough for them and is good enough for all present-day newcomers. Uncle Sam should not feel any compunction to feed, clothe, house and give free medical care to those who have not demonstrated the legal right to be here, especially when citizens are going without because they cannot afford these services. I think it is wonderful to be multilingual; every major country in the rest of the world requires foreign languages in their schools, especially English. Wonder why? Maybe it is because they all would like to be ready to take over our industry and futures when USA finally succumbs as a nation after all our catering to the rest of the world instead of acting like we are a major competitor/player at the table. But even in any of the major world players expect and demand that all learn their own country's language first. Perhaps we could take a lesson for a change?