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Speakout 4/11

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have a day bed to give away. It's white and brass. I live in an upstairs apartment at Virginia Pines. If anybody would be interested in that, you can have it free of charge, you just have to take it apart. My number is 472-6322. This is free of charge.

This makes me sad. There is a beautiful little girl, 6 or 7, she has a lot of medical problems. She has dark hair, was really long, had it cut and donated. Her great-grandmother takes her to church when she isn't sick, takes her to the park and plays with her. I feel the teacher and kids don't know any better, they make fun of her because she is different. I feel it is wrong to make fun of another child. Should I be the grandmother, I would go to school and have a talk with the teacher. Never make fun of anyone. She doesn't want to go to school because of them making fun of her. You wouldn't believe how beautiful she is. People need to wake up. It could happen to hem. I pray for children at the Kenny Rogers Center and St. Judes.

On Jan. 14, 2007, my house burned and I was left virtually homeless, but thank God that my Mom lives here and she took my daughter and me in. During the course of time people really started showing how much they loved and cared fro my daughter and me. I really am grateful for these people. I would like to name them so that other people will know how wonderful people they are. The list goes as follows: Melfred and Margaret Taylor, Stephen and Patricia Taylor, Justin and Tara Taylor, Green Memorial Church of God in Christ, the Red Cross, Belinda Johnson, Mother Vernice Ivy, Ader Jackson, Michelle Robinson, Ursula Lane, Ernestine Clark, Rosie Mitchell, Audrey Stevenson, Michelle Bowden, Katherine Moore, Edna Pride, Tonya Davis, Barbara Davis, Marybelle Jones, New Horizons High School Faculty and Staff, Dereska Graham, Denise Ivy, and last but not least, my mother, Arlena Foote and my girl, Laronda Randle. Thank you all for your love, kindness and your donations, whether large or small. It was and will be forever appreciated. Thank you.

Every time you tell someone that you have a pit bull, the first thing they tell you is that it will turn on you someday. And then they start telling you horror stories that they have heard about these dogs. Does anyone have any good stories with happy endings about pit bulldogs?

I'm ashamed of our Scott County officials. The government we trust is so cavalier that they feel they can intimidate election judges to influence an election, especially an election on taxes. How arrogant and you ought to be ashamed.

I'm calling about the little schnauzer that was killed on Ingram. Speed didn't kill the little schnauzer. An owner that was letting the dog run loose did. It wasn't the dog's fault, it wasn't the driver's fault, it was the owner's fault for letting the dog run loose. If I had been the one to hit it, I wouldn't have been able to stop, I would have been too traumatized. So, if you want to know who's to blame for your little dog being dead, look in the mirror.