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SpeakOut 6/4

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Before the students were allowed to walk across the stage and receive their well-deserved diplomas, they and all attending sat and listened to all the speakers acknowledge what an exceptional class they were. Then the students and guests were informed that clapping, whistling, noise makers or any such other noises would not be tolerated and would everyone please wait until all students receive their diplomas before making any noise. These students have worked hard and many have overcome great obstacles to be on stage for this right of passage--celebration of them is what this should be about. In the future if no one should acknowledge the students as individuals then just say their names, have them stand and when all are standing the applauding can begin-this is similar to the way the students were recognized for the awards and scholarships many received. Is it the students' wishes that no one be allowed to clap or shout so they know people are there and so proud of them, or is it Sikeston school politics? Isn't this why the students start at one end of the stage, and walk across the entire stage one at a time? During graduation each student's name was read and, for some, their guests clapped or whistled and by the time the student had reached the end of the stage all was quiet and the guests were ready to hear the name of the next graduate. I believe there is a happy medium of celebrating for each student that can be achieved, and by all accounts that is what happened for the Sikeston graduating class of 2006. Parent of Prospective Sikeston Graduate

Last Wednesday I ordered three dinners from Lambert's. When I got home one of the dinners was missing. Although it was near closing, I called the restaurant and spoke to the manager Chris. He apologized and offered to drive the meal out to my house. I can't believe it. The meal arrived 15 minutes later. I was surprised to find lots of extras tucked inside the bag. My whole family was surprised how generous Lamberts had been. The other encounter I had with a business had a completely different outcome. I had purchased about eight items from a store at the Outlet Mall. When I got home one of the small items was missing from the bag. I checked the receipt and I was charged $1.99 for the item. I went back to the store the next day with my receipt and explanation with what happened. The manager was there and heard my story. He took my receipt and got the item off the shelf and stared at both for some time. He hesitated and after quite a while said, "I'm in this business to make money." I left the store empty handed. He certainly did make the decision to turn away a customer for $1.99 item. Guess which business I will continue to patronize?

If you do not live in Bell City you do not play on the basketball team over there. I happen to know this is a fact. I know someone who lives in a different district and he went to school at Bell City because he didn't have a permanent address over there, but he was NOT allowed to play on the basketball team. Mr. Study and Learn, you need to find out your facts before you have them printed.

I'm calling to state that I found a cell phone that is in working condition, silver with the top black. It is a Motorola by Cingular. The antenna is broke with a piece of wire stuck in it. I have it. You can call me at 481-9345.