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Linden Hills takes first in Super Pro

Friday, June 2, 2006

SIKESTON -- Here are the results for Saturday, May 27 from the Sikeston Drag Strip.

The blown alcohol funny cars were at the track on Saturday night. Five cars were there running in a Chicago-style format, with the two fastest cars after qualifying coming back to race.

After the two qualifying passes, Les Turilli and Joe Haas met to run in the final race to see which Funny Car was the fastest. After the cars started up and the tow vehicles were off track, the cars completed their burnouts and were ready to race.

Once the lights came down, Joe had a good sized advantage off the line, but going down track, his car began to pull to the left, which in turn slowed his car down. Les passed by Joe, but not before Joe took out two timing cones when his parachutes deployed. Les turned in a solid pass going straight down the track to take the win.

Congratulations to Les Turilli on his Funny Car Race victory.

Funny Cars

1st Place - Les Turilli Stanton, MO ET - 4.541 MPH - 146.05 RT - .542

2nd Place - Joe Haas Findlay IL ET - 4.770 MPH - 123.55 RT - .474

Junior Dragster Class

1st Place - Ricky Skelton, Jr. Sikeston, MO DI - 11.68 ET - 11.817 RT - .557

2nd Place - Arriel McGowen Dexter, MO DI - 9.15 ET - 9.141 RT - .444

As we move into Junior Dragsters, Ricky Skelton, Jr., known to everyone at the track as Lil' Possum, has been on a tear lately! For the past several weeks, Lil Possum has been in a Junior Dragster final. The only thing is, he has been runner up in all of those races. Would it be his turn on Saturday? If anyone were against that thought, it was Arriel McGowen. The McGowen sisters have been racing at the track for the past few seasons and have had much success in the Junior Dragster ranks. This set up to be a great final. Lil Possum had a two-and-a-half second spot and cut a very good light to make this race seem like it was already over. Once Arriel left, it was as she went red. At the far end, Lil Possum crossed to take the win light. Congratulations to "Lil Possum" Ricky Skelton on his Junior Dragster Class victory.

Trophy Class

1st Place - Jake Overstreet LaCenter, KY DI - 12.09 ET - 12.053 RT - .596

2nd Place - George Trippe Lake Charles, LA DI - 9.96 ET - 9.955 RT - .387

A Trophy Class final without Kyle Allardin? It happened Saturday, but featured another tough racer, Jake Overstreet. It seems that Jake has been in many a Trophy final this season as well. His opponent was George Trippe, who came up all the way from Louisiana in a very nice Monte Carlo. Both drivers were set to make this a very good final. Jake left first with a little over two seconds worth of spot. Would the wait make George a little antsy? It seemed to have worked, as George went very red, giving Jake the win. Congratulations to Jake Overstreet on his Trophy Class victory.

ET Class

1st Place - Brandon Kloepper Waterloo, IL DI - 6.79 ET - 6.777 RT - .796

2nd Place - Richard Smith Bloomfield, MO DI - 10.00 ET - 10.036 RT - .495

Moving along, up next was the ET Class final. Richard Smith, who is racing for the ET Points championship, faced off against the SIU ATO car driven by Brandon Kloepper. Both drivers were hitting the tree hard throughout the course of the night, showing that all of our classes at the Sikeston Drag Strip are becoming extremely competitive. Richard got the spot and left first, but just barely went red, with a .495, giving Brandon Kloepper the win, which I do believe was his first in the car. He was definitely all smiles after that race, so were his teammates in the SIU ATO organization. Congratulations to Brandon Kloepper on his ET Class victory.

Pro Class

1st Place - Donnie Drew Vanduser, MO DI - 6.93 ET - 6.912 RT - .510

2nd Place - David Leonard Sikeston, MO DI - 6.94 ET - 6.940 RT - .495

The Pro Class final featured David Leonard, who was racing for his second win in a row, against Donnie Drew, who is always a dangerous driver. The cars were close in times, making this a heads up race. Talk about a good way to end the Pro Class for the night! As the lights came down, David jumped first but went red by the slimmest of margins, giving Donnie the win. At the far end, it is interesting to note that David ran dead on his dial in, where as Donnie broke out. Who knows how that race would have turned out if both cars were green. With his breakout, Donnie still took the win light at the far end and got to drive back down for a picture. Congratulations to Donnie Drew on his Pro Class victory.

Super Pro Class

1st Place - Linden Hills Fremont, MO DI - 5.29 ET - 5.310 RT - .571

2nd Place - Cecil Whitaker Dexter, MO DI - 6.73 ET - 6.811 RT - .544

The Super Pro final featured another repeat finalist, this time in the form of Cecil Whitaker. Cecil has been on a tear lately, going rounds deep into the night week in and week out. This week, however, he had a stroke of bad luck and broke his dragster on a solo pass in the semi-finals. He borrowed a car from Ed Maronay and met his opponent, Linden Hills, in the final. Both drivers have had great success at the track over the years, but how would Cecil do in a borrowed car? Cecil got the spot and had a good light. Linden launched next but was unable to better the light, but at the far end, Linden crossed first, as Cecil's car fell off, allowing Linden to take the win light. Congratulations to Linden Hills on his Super Pro Class victory.

Thanks to all that came out to race and watch at the Sikeston Drag Strip. Don't forget, Test n Tune is now on Friday nights from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. We will be having our motorcycle and Junior Dragster races this Sunday, June 4th. Also, you can still sign up for the points race at the ticket booth on the pit side.

Congratulations to all of our winners from this week and we hope to see you all next week at the Sikeston Drag Strip. Don't forget to find us on the web at http://www.sikestondragstrip.net