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Your view: Another view

Monday, February 12, 2007

I was struck by the irony of a Feb. 5 "Your View." The writer lamented that "Right to Work" allows workers to choose if they want to be a union dues paying member or not. The writer further states, "A Union is financially weakened when a portion of employees refuse to pay dues, and those same employees are entitled by law the same representation and financial benefits as dues paying members." He further says, this philosophy of "choice" creates division within "unions" and therefore weakens the "union" financially and spiritually. (What happened to a "right to choose?")

Here's my challenge to everyone. Insert "America" in place of "unions," and "citizens" in place of "employees," and "taxes" in place of "dues" then read it again. Do you still draw the same moral conclusions as you did when you read it originally as "A Union" being the subject?

I read in a 2/7/07 Standard Democrat front page story that it takes the average worker more days of labor (116) to pay his federal, state, and local taxes than it does to pay for a home, upkeep for that home, health and medical costs (114.) Here's another challenge: add up all that you are paying for house payments, and house related expenses, health and medical costs. Now, are you "seething with that feeling of injustice because the government is not providing all of that for you free."

Try this instead - I said try - think instead "what if" the government wasn't taking an amount equal to your home and related costs from your paycheck before you ever see it? Think! "What if" you had that much extra money to spend on your own family's needs? Well it's your money! You earned it! But, the same political party worrying over money collected by unions that gets "bundled" and passed on to that same party's political campaigns has brainwashed us into thinking that's all being done for our own good.

But is it? The same process of what you earned being taking from you by mob force and giving those benefits produced by you to someone else free, is at play in our current tax system just as it is in the construct of unions that the writer from New Madrid laments as being so "unfair." Why are we outraged about the "unfairness" in the "dues" context, but then so adamantly supportive of the same "unfairness" in the "taxes" context?

There is a way to furnish our government at the same level of funding as now, to have the necessary funds for medicare, social security, upkeep for our roads, etc., without taking it from your paycheck. There's a bill, HR25, that's been languishing in Congress since 2005 that can accomplish this. Demagogues in congress that favor taking more and more tax dollars under the current system have buried it. This bill holds the best alternative in tax legislation for the American worker, and the American economy. But, I'd be willing to bet 90 percent of you haven't heard a thing about it. And, if you have, chances are you've been lied to about it. What's blocking floor debate in congress? What's preventing you from hearing about this new way of funding our government in place of the current tax system? Get on your computer and go to www.fairtax.org. Investigate learn the facts for yourself. We are fading fast as the strong Country we baby boomers inherited. The current tax system is the most negative contributor to our impending demise. Only you can prevent forest fires! And we can save America, as we've known it. Only if, we are willing to investigate and know the truth! And, then stay consistent in that truth. Are you still waiting for someone else to do it for you?

John McMillen,

Sikeston, MO