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Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

Speakout 8/8

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

I would like to thank the paramedics that worked on my brother at C&H Trailers on Saturday morning. He broke his leg and they did a wonderful job. We have some excellent paramedics here and I thank them very much for what they did for my brother. They were wonderful. I will always keep them in my prayers. I do not know their names but they were wonderful. They were very professional and I commend them highly. They were just absolutely wonderful.

I've got a question to ask. I'm looking for a Stallings Construction that used to be in Sikeston. I've lost track of the man. He's given me a lot of information and I've made a lot of money. I think it's just right that I return the favor. I'd appreciate it if anyone in the area could give me any information, if they would call 838-8129. Leave a message. A reward will be available.

I'm calling because I hope that the Plan B, morning after pill is approved by the FDA. We could only be so lucky if it was. Maybe some of our tax money would stop going to the mothers that have two, three, four or five children without any fathers.

This is for the person who had their electricity cut off because they didn't pay their bill on time. Was this the first month you didn't pay or was it more than one month you didn't pay? Usually most companies, if you call them in advance and let them know you can make a partial payment, they will work with you. Yes, sometimes we do put our bills up and one time I did forget to pay. I lost my bill and I forgot to pay. I got penalized, but I still paid my bill. If you work with the company and call and let them know, they will usually try to work with you.

I am calling to find out what "bench probation" is. You have been reporting that bench probation was imposed by Judge Spitler in New Madrid County's associate court news. People used to get supervised or unsupervised probation. What is "bench probation"?

It is the Judge's term for unsupervised probation.

I'd like to know who got the young farmer award and the agri-businessman award for the farmer's recognition dinner. I saw where you had an article about the farm family but not the other honorees.

Greg Mayberry received the young farmer award. Agri-businessman was Dr. Sam Hunter. Jane Campbell received the farm woman award.

I see where the race for the 161st Congressional District in the Missouri House of Representatives is heating up. What I really wanted to say is whoever wins that race will have some really big, old shoes to fill. Lanie Black has done an awesome job as state representative for us, he's worked for the people and he's a really good man. I just want to say thank you Lanie you will be missed.