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Speakout 12/8

Friday, December 8, 2006

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the Hazy days in New Madrid. I've got two neighbors who insist on burning. It's been so bad lately that we can't even go outside and we can also spell the burning inside our house. It gives me a migraine. I don't understand why these people don't cover the hole on their lawnmower and mulch the leaves up. I think they need to get with the program.

I was recently visiting my hometown that I left 20 years ago and came back to in Morehouse. Last Friday night we went to the store and had fish. I just wanted to say I recommend the store for their fish on Friday nights. It was delicious. It was the best fish I have had and the price was what I really enjoyed. There were so many people that I hadn't seen in so many years and it was so good to see people in such a homey atmosphere sitting around tables drinking coffee and having fun. I loved it and now I can't remember why I ever left this area. I would recommend people who live in this area to go there on Friday nights. You will have the best fish and the best time.

I am a big Charleston Bluejay fan. Somebody wrote in that the Sikeston fans should wake up and count the victories in the last 20 years in basketball. Do you realize that the Sikeston football team has beat Charleston way many more times than we have beat them in basketball? I hope you are a fan that made this comment and not a basketball player when you said that 'Charleston is always, always a step above Sikeston in basketball.' If you lose at the Semo Conference, you are going to have egg all over your face if you're the basketball player who said this.