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Your view: Stem cell research

Monday, September 18, 2006

President Bush is doing an excellent job. I am proud that he does not back down when it comes to issues that he firmly believes in. I was asked to write about my experience for a local church bulletin and I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

I saw a commercial about stem cell research where a 10-year-old little boy described his cancer and how long he had to live. Then it showed his mother who went on to say that not exploring stem cell research would be like telling those with cancer that there is no hope. She said "I don't want to tell anyone that there is no hope, and I really don't want to tell my son that."

That made me struggle with my strong feelings against stem cell research. How would I feel in that situation if my child was terminally ill?

The only way that I could really make up my mind was to talk to my child about how she would feel.

I try to explain things to her on her level but also let her know what the issues of the times are as I was pretty well informed as a child.

She knows what cancer is because my cousin had it and she asked why she didn't have any hair. She knows what abortion is because she asked why there were crosses on the side of the road. She asks questions all the time! Anyway, I called my 5 year old into the room and I said, "Kiersten, I am going to give you a scenario and you tell me how you would feel." She said "Ok?" I went on to say, "If you had cancer and you were really sick a lot and you were told you were going to die, how would you feel." She said "Sad."

So I told her, "Ok, they have found a medicine that will make you all better, how would you take it?" She replied, "Yes."

I asked her if she remembered what abortion is in which she nodded her head yes. So I said, "What if the medicine was made from a part of that baby, would you still take it?" She enthusiastically said "No." I asked why? She answered, "Because if I didn't take the medicine and I died, I'd be in my new home in Heaven and the baby wouldn't be dead or it would be in heaven with me."

The name Kiersten means "Anointed" but I did not know it at the time I named her. She is truly a special anointed child and makes me realize that I can't sacrifice my beliefs for earthly feelings or possessions. If God is with you, what should you fear?

Sincerely, Judy Chessor

Sikeston, MO