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Summers takes first in Super Pro at drag strip

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Super Pro winner Gary Summers is congratulated by Ray Poirer.
SIKESTON -- Here are the results from Saturday's Sikeston Drag Strip action.

Junior Dragster Class

1st Place - Arriel McGowen Dexter, MO DI - 8.25 ET - 8.369 MPH - 78.54 RT - .560

2nd Place - Kristen McGowen Dexter, MO DI - 8.94 ET - 8.930 MPH - 71.90 RT - .546

Last Saturday, we saw the Armer Racing pair square off in the final for bragging rights in the Junior Dragster class. This week, McGowen Sisters Racing were pitted against one another in the final race of the Junior Dragster category.

Arriel, who was in the process of breaking in a new motor, ran her little sister Kristen, who was piloting her new race car, in what shaped up to be a very good final.

Kristen got the spot by just over a half-second and cut a good light to make it even tougher on big sis Arriel.

When Arriel's lights came down, she was unable to better Kristen and seemed as if her car was having a bit of a problem leaving the starting line.

At the far end it seemed as if Kristen would take the win light, but a .010 breakout cut those plans down, giving big sis Arriel the victory, and the bragging rights, in the Junior Dragster Class. Congratulations to Arriel McGowen on her Junior Dragster Class victory.

Trophy Class

1st Place - Mike Brown Dexter, MO DI - 8.68 ET - 8.782 MPH - 80.48 RT - .762

2nd Place - Kyle Allardin Bandana, KY DI - 9.61 ET - 9.648 MPH - 73.06 RT - .463

The Trophy Class Titans squared off against each other Saturday night in a final that many have been waiting to see for a while. Kyle Allardin, one of the winningest drivers in the Trophy Class, faced off against his "nemesis" Mike Brown for the chance to see who would be bragging the most at the end of the night.

In this race, Kyle got the spot by almost a second over Mike. As the two staged and were getting ready to go, the tree came down on Kyle's side....and he went red by just a slim margin. In what many may call a role reversal, Mike waited for the green to show up as he launched down the track for the win and the chance to come back downtrack for a photo in the Winner's Circle. Congratulations to Mike Brown on his Trophy Class victory.

ET Class

1st Place - Stanley Byrd Bertrand, MO DI - 7.76 ET - .790 MPH - 87.02 RT - .528

2nd Place - Steve Hager Poplar Bluff, MO DI - 6.93 ET - 6.917 MPH - 96.81 RT - .535

As the program moved on, we came to the ET Class final, which pitted Stanley Byrd, a tough ET Class points contender, against Steve Hager, a man who, at the beginning of the season, vowed not to cut his hair until he won a race in the ET Class. Saturday night looked as if it would be Steve's night for a trim. However, Stanley Byrd was out to tell Steve that he could put his clippers up for just one more week. Stanley received close to one second of spot and cut a good light to start the race out. As Steve's lights came down, he was unable to better Stanley, but cut a very close light to make this a barn-burner of a race.

The cars looked close as they neared the finish line, with it looking as if Steve was going to get his hair cut off.

But at the finish line, Steve broke out by a slim margin, giving Stanley the win light and the chance to get his picture taken. The quest for the hair cut was put off one more week. Congratulations to Stanley Byrd on his ET Class victory.

Pro Class

1st Place -Ronnie Overstreet Hard Money, KY DI - 7.86 ET - 7.874 MPH - 88.42 RT - .589

2nd Place - Darrell Woolard Poplar Bluff, MO DI - 6.84 ET - 6.909 MPH - 96.60 RT - .578

After being put out relatively early the previous week, Ronnie Overstreet came back with a vengeance on Saturday night and raced his way into the Pro Class final. His opponent was a very hot "Mr. D" Darrell Woolard, who has been on a tear lately, going very far into the program on a consistent basis. With both drivers on a roll, this was definitely a race that could go either way.

On the starting line, Ronnie got the spot by just a hair over one second and cut a fairly good light. Mr. D bettered his light and proceeded to try and catch up with Ronnie at the far end.

As the cars neared the finish stripe it was neck and neck, but after it was all said and done, Ronnie ran closer to his dial in and was able to take the win light and the chance for a stroll down to Winner's Circle. Congratulations to Ronnie Overstreet on his Pro Class victory.

Super Pro Class

1st Place - Gary Summers Dexter, MO DI - 5.00 ET - 5.022 MPH - 132.39 RT - .525

2nd Place - Ron Simmons Cape Girardeau, MO DI - 6.12 ET - 6.136 MPH - 111.38 RT - .540

The last race of the night featured two former Sikeston Drag Strip Super Pro Class champions, Gary Summers and Ron Simmons. Both drivers are still able to show their dominance week in and week out as they have proved throughout the course of the season. In this race, Ron got the spot by just over a second against Gary.

As the lights came down, Ron had a good light which was bettered by Gary as they began their descent down the track.

At the far end, Gary was able to catch up with Ron and take the win, helping him add points to his record in the points chase. Congratulations to Gary Summers on his Super Pro Class victory.

Thanks to all that came out to race and watch at the Sikeston Drag Strip. Don't forget, Test n Tune is now on Friday nights from 6pm until 10 p.m. There are only TWO points races left this season, as we are about to wrap things up in all three of our points classes. Congratulations to all of our winners from this week and we hope to see you all next week at the Sikeston Drag Strip. Don't forget to find us on the web at http://