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Speakout 11/20

Monday, November 20, 2006

I too appreciate Chief Juden and all the work he had done, but I was just wondering if the noise ordinance has been lifted. We are on the west side and it is terrible over here again. And it feels like no one ever checks it unless they are called. I know he is doing all he can do and he has men doing all kinds of things and it may not be important. But it is important to people who have to work or just want to relax without any noise going on. Do we need to call the police or what's going on about it?

Well, this is the old man that remembers back, talking about Clinton when the deficit wasn't as bad. Well Mr. Clinton didn't have 9/11. They hadn't hit New York City under his womanizing stay. The Democrats are in now and the unborn baby has only one friend left and that's George Bush. The Taliban and all the terrorists are glad that the Democrats are taking over. Same sex marriage, killing babies, homosexuals. That's what makes up the Democratic party and it's going to take this nation to Sodom and Gomorrah. You watch what I tell you.

I'd just like to say thanks to that nurse who put that piece in the paper about the doctors not giving the kids the flu shots. Well, they knew when they had that kid that they was supposed to work to pay their bills and take care of them. Why do they keep having kids and expect everybody else to keep taking care of them? That's their responsibility. If you can't get out and get a job and pay for anything why do you think the working people should pay for everything you have? I know it's hard. If you're disabled, that's different. But if you just sit around and expect someone else to clean your house. That was so good she put in there. And there was another one in Sunday's paper. I tell you, people are getting tired of working like dogs to pay for these lazy people. If she's too lazy to take her kids to the health center, then why have them? The Bible says you provide for your own family and I think it's time that some of them start doing that.

I would like to speak out about the ad that was in SpeakOut that Medicaid doesn't play for a flu shot. Well, I've got news for them. Medicaid does pay for a flu shot. I recently had one at the Ferguson Medical Group. You can get a flu shot at the Health Department, Ferguson Medical Group or even the hospital. I don't where you got your information. Sometimes, even if you don't have Medicaid you can go to the health department and get one. For the person, that's always putting down Medicaid, I'm on Medicaid. I'm not able to work. I'm elderly and worked most of my life. There's nothing wrong with people who have to get on Medicaid. The only thing I can think of is you are just a little bit jealous that you don't have anything that's free. I don't know what your problem is. For these people who are always griping about welfare and Medicaid, you can't get on them unless you are eligible. I can't even get food stamps. You need to get your facts straight, before you put people down.