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Monday, Aug. 29, 2016

Your view: Democrat dirty tricks

Monday, October 16, 2006

Most traditional Americans believe in personal responsibility, not collective guilt. Guilt by association has been the number one weapon in democrat's arsenal in their Jihad-politics of personal destruction. They hoped the Foley scandal would be their crowning cherry on top of an excrement pie alamode they've slowly, and methodically, been baking up for Republicans since George Bush beat them in two elections. Even though democrats used every shady election tactic known to man in both elections. Do I wish Republicans were being more conservative? Yes! So, why would I run to a liberal for sanctuary? Have the democrats offered any honest, rational, or 'traditional' conservative/libertarian American ideas on any thing? NO! Are the democrats totally invested in scandal mongering, betting the farm on Democrat operative's choreographed well-timed 'gotcha' October surprises? YES! Explain to me why any rational human being with an I.Q. above an eggplant would fall for such a blatant 'dirty trick.' O.K., so there was a pervert amidst respectable republicans who disguised himself as a respectable Republican. He wrote offensive emails--and really sick, dirty instant messages to former pages AFTER they left Washington D.C. He may even have had sex with a consenting 21-year-old adult male. Remember, that is the 'liberal standard' for disgusting behavior! How old was Monica again? Republicans do not have a history of coddling NAMBLA members. Democrat Nancy Pelosi does. NAMBLA and the Democrat Party are mutually supporting groups. NAMBLA promotes the idea that older men sexually assaulting young boys should be a constitutional right for gay pedophiles (just one example.) Federal Judges appointed by Democrats...not Republicans have to rule this into law over the objections of the will of the people that Boy Scouts of America must allow Gays to have supervisory positions over young boys. How do we know which of those "Gays" forced upon our young boys by Democrat Judges is a closet pedophile? We won't until your son becomes a victim? Who will you hold responsible when that happens, Republicans? Either way! If the offender is a republican, the democrat media will eviscerate him as a republican pervert pedophile. If the victim's family is a republican family who cries out for justice, the democrat media will portray that victim's family as a bunch of right-wing homophobes who are maliciously attacking an honest true American citizen just because he lives an alternative lifestyle.

John McMillen

Sikeston, MO