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Speakout 1/4

Thursday, January 4, 2007

I'd like to speak out about the new highways that MoDOT says they have improved for us. Between the Sikeston and the Scott City exits, the surface has been grounded down till you nearly get slung off the highway. There's holes in the road. I truly believe that MoDOT has took the Missouri people again because they did not improve our roads. During the snow and ice that surface will make people run off of the road more truly than it would if it had been left the way it was.

I would like to point out that if someone has a party at 7 o'clock and you show up at 6:30, that is very rude. Showing up very early is just as rude, if not worse, than showing up very late. The host and hostess have spent the time getting ready for the party and they may need that time getting dressed or something. When you show up a half an hour early or more, you are just in the way.

I like the way people in Sikeston, Mo. and the surrounding areas are involved in a little white collar crime that Mike Jensen don't write about or let out. Slash, slash.

I am so glad that Saddam Hussein will be getting the hanging he deserves. Now let's bring back public hanging in the courthouse square in our country for murder, rape, child molesting, producing child porn and homosexuality. In the worlds of Charlie Daniels, "That's the way I see it, I'm a simple man." Let's get back to enforcing public law 97-280 passed in 1983 by both houses of Congress. Let's get back to the Bible as the law of the land.

I have two questions to ask. Anyway who has the answers can reply. When is the city of Sikeston going to finish all of the street work they have going on, like at the end of Helen and Ingram, and various other places in town? That has been going on for months. They leave the blockades, and they are really hard to see. People almost run them over. Seems like they've been left up for a very long time. Next question is what is called shuttle service and why are these vehicles parked at the Sikeston Apartments that are for the elderly and disabled taking up parking places? I would like an answer to these questions if anybody knows them.

I work at Stanfield's Bulldog Shack and someone has lost a mother's ring. We are on the corner of East Malone and Ingram Road. Just come and identify the ring. It's a mother's ring. Thank you.

This is in reference to the news article that was in the paper Dec. 26 about the person that had the high speed chase down in Caruthersville. Out of all that thing he done with that child in the car, they did not charge him with one felony for endangerment of a child or resisting arrest from a police officer. They didn't charge him with anything but misdemeanors. His bond was set at $2,563. You could have one straw in your car with residue on it from cocaine or crank and your bond would be set at $50,000. This guy either knows somebody pretty good in Caruthersville, somebody really likes him down there, or there's something wrong with our laws.