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States challenging illegal immigration

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

The heated debate over illegal immigration, I suspect, will rage on until there are sufficient numbers of illegal immigrants here to change the political process. Then the doors will swing open and remain that way until you can tell little difference between the United States and Mexico. That is not a doomsday prophecy but a prediction based on fact.

Colorado this week initiated a tough new immigration law that would force one million Colorado residents to prove they are legally in this country before they can receive state and federal benefits. But for starters, virtually all of those who must provide documentation will first be granted a waiver that will allow them to continue receiving benefits until next March. The new law also makes employers verify they do not employ illegal immigrants before they can receive certain government grants. All in all, the new laws are common sense measures to force illegals to follow the laws of this country.

But here's what riles me to no end. The executive director of the Immigrant Resource Center in Colorado said they new laws won't work because "illegal immigrants will find a way to get the phony documents they need to keep receiving services." And that fairly well says it all.

Now let's look a little deeper into these new laws in Colorado because they could well become the model for other states if in fact they help to account for the massive illegal population. For starters, the new laws won't impact illegal immigrants in nursing homes and those with chronic health issues. So we'll continue to provide taxpayer money for that population because we are a benevolent people. And the new laws won't impact food stamps nor Medicaid because our federal government has barred states from imposing regulations that are stricter than the feds.

So today, in Colorado and elsewhere, you can be an acknowledged illegal immigrant and still quality for nursing home benefits, food stamps and Medicaid.

Missouri does not have the numbers of illegal immigrants that western states host. But give us time and we'll come close to matching their numbers. And despite their lack of compliance with the laws, we'll provide the very same benefits and reach deeper into the taxpayers' pockets to pay for those services.

If that's the America you want, then just sit on your fanny and wait for your grandchildren to pay the price. If not, pick up a phone, write a letter or do something to let your voice be heard. It's your call Amigo!

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen