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Officials want to improve county roads

Friday, November 10, 2006

CHARLESTON -- Mississippi County commissioners are looking at ways of improving the county's gravel roads.

During their regular meeting Thursday, commissioners discussed methods of getting rid of the "lip" left on the side of gravel road by road graders.

The lips keep water from draining off the roads which contributes to maintenance problems.

Commissioner Homer Oliver offered to let county road crews borrow a disc implement his levee district has. If it works well, the county could then purchase one.

"I really believe it will take that lip off," Oliver said. He said he thinks it will also fill up the little trench that is also formed on the side of the road by the road graders.

Martin Lucas, commissioner, said there is a method of grading roads with the road graders that will take the lips off the sides.

"It's got to be dry, though," he said. "You can't do it wet."

Lucas said it takes several passes: one to pull the gravel to the road's crown, then a pass to cut the lip off and pull the dirt on to the road, then another to spread the gravel back out over the top.

He said the process doesn't take long if two graders work in tandem.

Lucas agreed the disc implement would also be a good solution.

Oliver said he has seen state highway department crews use something similar. "Same principle, only mounted on a grader," he said.

Some solution is needed to help keep gravel roads in better condition, commissioners agreed. "The water is not getting off of them," Lucas said.

Presiding Commissioner Jim Blumenberg said they should accept Oliver's offer and give the disc implement a try.

Commissioners also discussed how roads in the sandy portions of the county on the south end are losing their gravel.

"On those sand roads, the material goes right in," Blumenberg said.