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Speakout 9/11

Monday, September 11, 2006

To the caller who dropped their children off at SCC and had to work in Sikeston and is concerned about all the traffic north of town. It seems like you know something. Instead of sulking on it, why don't you report some of this activity that is going on and maybe we could get something done about it? How do you know that these people are not going to work in Cape? You are just a stupid person that wants to kick up a bunch of bull. You are not the only one that's got kids going to Scott Central. If you are not going to say anything good about the school system, then take your kid somewhere else. Focus on your priorities, your kids. Don't you have anything better to do with your time besides call SpeakOut?

I'd like to comment about the lady who said the women who came out to clean her mother's house ran off and left her and all that stuff and didn't do their job and this, that and the other. Well, I get help with my house cleaning 'cause I'm not well and I had trouble with certain places like that too. I got a hold of my case worker and they sent me a list of places and everything and you can change, you don't have to keep the same place. I'm telling you it's true. There are a lot of them that don't even do their job or anything. I have switched and now I have one who is wonderful. She is just a good little worker, works really hard for me. She is good and kind and always calls when she is not going to show up. Change places.

This is to Rowdy at the Rodeo. You know, I am all for having a good time. Not too long ago I used to party and have a good time, so I understand the beer and all. But you know from the time you get to the rodeo there are police helping with the traffic, so why would you drink enough that you would try to act like a fool and drive drunk? Have you never heard of a designated driver? If you know you are going to drink invite someone who's not going to drink and let them drive. Not to mention having a whole bunch of kids around you because it's a family event. And if you're driving and you're drinking, you could kill one of those kids or yourself. And you say all you do-gooders get a life? Well I've got a life, and I'd like to keep it and not have to worry about getting hit by some drunk.

I was looking at the newsstand cost of newspapers in our region and I noticed that the Southeast Missourian in Cape Girardeau was 50 cents each week day, the Commercial Appeal in Memphis is 50 cents also on each week day, the St. Louis Post Dispatch is 50 cents, the Jonesboro Sun in Jonesboro, Ark. is 50 cents, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in Little Rock, Ark. is 50 cents per day and the Paducah Sun in Paducah, Ky. is 75 cents per day. In Sikeston, The Standard-Democrat is $1 per week day. I have to ask myself, why?

We think it's worth it.

This is in response to Back to School. The road has been fixed by the city so now when you come down you don't have to go slow.

It's six o'clock Thursday evening and I just watched Bob Schieffer sign off on the CBS evening news for the last time. I don't have anything against Katie Couric, she seems like a really feisty, nice woman. But, Gidget Does the News just isn't going to get it for me.