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Speakout 9/19

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Concerning the SpeakOut column about the people in Katrina, I agree 100 percent. No matter how much has been done, it will never be enough. The mayor of New Orleans wants to build his own little kingdom. The money has been given to New Orleans by the government and other organizations, you notice the money making places like bars going again. Mayor Nagen will help rich people also keep his flow of cash coming in. Houses should have been built first. They could build everyone a new house, fill it with furniture, and even give them all new Hum-Vee's and it still would not be enough. I have a roof about to leak I can't fix now. The other people in the world are in need also. I feel bad for all the Katrina families. A lot of them are good people and they should not be put in the same category as some of these users. No one owes you nothing. CBS never tells you the positive things about George Bush. Bottom line is be thankful to be alive no matter what color you are.

I hope you Sikeston cry babies are happy about the trains. You need be behind progress not against it. I will be voting for any politicians that were behind the train deal. Again, I hope all Sikeston cry babies are happy and everybody that was in on it.

Hello Mr. Bush. I just wanted to make a comment. I've heard a lot of people say that these boys get a free ride when they join the service. They sure do, they get a free ride home to either Arlington, Jefferson Barracks or maybe even to Bloomfield to the cemetery. But it's not the free ride that they would like to have.

I'm glad to see the city of Sikeston is happy that the railroad won't be increasing their traffic through there. However, I would like to know what officials the city of Sikeston are going to do with the extra, maybe 30 minutes over the course of a month of maybe they will have of not being stopped by a train, to make Sikeston more productive or a more thriving community? The trains were a benefit to help increase factory jobs or anything else there. I hope that 30 minutes that they are going to save not having to wait at the railroad tracks they can add to the economic impact that the trains would have.

Well Bush chalked up another white cross in Arlington Cemetery we heard today. As a matter of fact we heard tonight another boy from Jackson, Mo. was killed overseas. I guess it will take all of them before you will wake up and see what is going on over there. And I would like to know just personally from anyone in the area, why we are even over there anyway. We are losing a lot of innocent boys. This boy was just 18 years old and here he is being flown back to be buried. God bless the USA 'cause it sure needs it.

Could you please put a name and number and any information in the paper regarding the reunion of the Class of 1987 of Sikeston? Too many people were overlooked for the tenth year reunion. Let's not wait too long and leave people out. We all would like to be notified and at least have a chance to decline on our own. Signed, Classmates who never left Sikeston.

I would like to congratulate Mike Marshall, Doug Friend and Josh Bill for the stand they took with Union Pacific Railroad. I wish that we the citizens of Sunset had taken that same stand when the people decided to put the dock ground just off of Compress Road in our area. And I wish they would take that green stripe sheet down between North Street and the Compress, uncover that junk and move it away. We'd like to have something done.