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Speakout 7/19

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This is in regards to "I'm rubber you're glue" about the fields burning and what not. Every time anyone compromises a farmer, criticizes some act they do, which they are not perfect, they throw up this little innuendo that if it wasn't for farmers you wouldn't have any food. Well, I have a better one. If it wasn't for food stamps, we wouldn't have all these big shot farmers. Enough said.

This is to "Ain't it a shame." I didn't get a very good education myself and I don't think they need to be making fun of people.

This is to the person who called in about the dogs doing their job in your yard. People who walk their jobs in other person's yards and allow their dogs to do their business in flowers, bushes and trees could not have any common sense whatsoever. I mean, it's just absurd to walk your dog in your neighbor's yard and allow them to do their stuff there. Let them do it your yard. You are the one who owns the dog, you need to be cleaning up after them, your neighbors don't need to.

Some dog walkers have no respect for other people's properties. I am really tired of your dog urinating on my flowers. One of these days you are going to catch me in a bad mood, and I'm going to have a cup on urine and I'm going to throw it on your dog. How would you appreciate me coming over and doing your flowers that way?

In response to the person asking about burn barrels, we have them available at 471-2515, $7 each, delivered locally.

I read in SpeakOut where someone wanted some burn barrels. This is Bob Dyer Equipment. I do have some. My number is 471- 3257.

I'm calling in response to these people complaining about farmers. Hey, where do you think your clothes come from? The cotton that they grow. Where do you think your corn flakes come from? The corn that they grow. Where do a lot of things come from? The farm. These people want to fuss and go on about the farmers, they better take a trip down farming lane and see how hard farmers have it. It's not an easy life and they sure don't sit behind a desk with an air conditioner running. That is far from what they do. These people better quit complaining about the farmers and realize if it wasn't for the family farm there wouldn't be nothing to eat or nothing to wear. God bless the American farmer.

This is to the person who called in about honoring Old Glory, the flag at the Sikeston post office. You ought to go over there and look at the one at the Charleston post office. It's a big nice pole but it's up into the trees. You can't see the flag flying or it won't fly because of the tree branches. Just thought I'd let him know.